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Responding to questions about the possibility to buy from us held a diploma of a university, as well as learn the cost of the diploma, I would like to clarify that: there is a category of universities where you will be denied opportunity to buy even held a diploma for serious amounts. First of all, these Universities, as Moscow State University and Moscow State Institute. Buy held university diploma with entering data 'backdating' is not practiced by definition. Too many risk decision-makers in these organizations. A 'slip on the watermelon rind, "as said the head of one of the universities, no one wants, because at stake are very different things and most other money. Therefore, if any magician promises to sell you a diploma held at Moscow State University, Department of any, then the least doubt.

If you, for example, take a responsible position in the state structure, pay your attention to the institutions of the caliber smaller, there is an opportunity to buy and place your university diploma held by all the rules. The cost of personal affairs with the introduction of all necessary data to the archive of the Institute depends on the status of the university (Public, commercial, period of existence, etc.), locations (Moscow or no), sensitive staff (positions held, number of dedicated, etc.), diploma (regular, red, PhD, PhD, etc.) and ranges from 150,000 rubles held university diploma. If you can not, but really want to buy MSU held a diploma or MGIMO, for this there is an intermediate option. It is that each faculty, and MSU and not MGIMO exception, there officers responsible for verifying information about students, for students – this is a teaching inspector. That is, they send a request to archive the primary faculty of the presence or absence of personal affairs such a student in a given period, a certain form of education. Using our connections you can quite happily get a promotion or other material benefit, knowing that you have covered the rear. For each option on possibility of holding a diploma in a particular university to discuss the details separately.

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