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The law cites in its 1 chapter, obligatorily, the inclusion of the POUNDS as component curricular for the courses of teaching formation, in average level and the courses of graduation and after graduation related to the education and qualification of the deaf person, guaranteeing to the deaf person one better agreement and an adjusted communication more, therefore the law supports the presence of an Interpreter of POUNDS inside of the classroom to make possible the access all the curricular contents and school for all excessively the pedagogical activities. The schools, many times, are the consequence of the society where they are inserted, leaving to take in consideration the difficulties found in relation to the communication, agreement and understanding, being focando all existing deficiency in the deaf person, forgetting them operating parts it process teach-learning. The deaf child in elapsing of its academic life finds many obstacles make that it to fail. In this direction, the school fits to detect the problems, to decide them in adjusted way, to create subsidies so that this exchange of information occurs of the best possible form to take care of the necessities of this pupil. At first moment if it becomes necessary a knowledge of the joined difficulties so that the school can offer conditions and create a support program to brighten up such difficulty. The education of the deaf person still is an controversial subject that requires much attention in the area of the education, therefore still observes deaf citizens, that after years and years of escolarizao many limitations present, does not know to read and to write, being thus they finish not dominating academic the contents necessary. The current national politics of education praises the education integrator, that one that would have to take care of to all, also the special carriers of necessities, supporting itself with Declaration of Salamanca (Spain), in 1994, that it has as objective main to promote the education for all. .

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