Karl Marx

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The ideological devices of the State: the school and the unconscious didactic book In collective the school occupy a transforming function; for the society, the school is the only passport that makes in them to alar of classroom, that is the only door for where we can leave the subordinate condition, for dominador condition; however, what it is not perceived, in this context, it is the true paper or function of this institution inside of the society that is the maintenance, the access to the existence conditions, what Karl Marx flame of social structure, or the all social one. Institution that is completely on to the ruling classes, the school imposes on the individuals of the dominated classrooms, the ideology of the dominadoras classrooms, being thus, main responsible for the structure of the estratificada society that Marx presents, where the base, or sustentation, is represented for the dominated classrooms and the ceiling, or the supported one, is the dominadoras classrooms. It is of this form that happens the domination, the orders, or the ideology comes from top to bottom, of the ruling classes for the dominated classrooms. Of this form as the school it fulfills its paper as mantenedora institution of the social order? Through its practical and ideologies that much are confused (or she is the same one) with the one of the ruling classes. society is a building formed in parts. As it suggests Althusser (1996), this building is divided in two parts, that it, paraphrasing Marx, presents the social classes as infrastructure and superstructure, where infrastructure is the base and the superstructure, the ceiling. It is by means of an analysis on this social structure, that is evidentes the dominador power, the symbolic oppression and the domain that the dominant groups have on the dominated groups. As Althusser (P.111) the State is a repressora machine, that Karl Marx nominates for device of State.

Jack Miller

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Rereading these paragraphs I’m fully convinced that were the best moments of the masters including also those where reflect fully all my spiritual experience because I discover that I have ability to express myself in writing, in a literary style which had never occupied as it is prose, with which I could achieve that they emerge from my internal aspects which had not stressed, were in the depths of my heart; obtaining this spiritual autobiography where my conclusion says: and now this; trying to collect all the moments of greater significance and who contributed in my training as educator holistic, with this global trial can say that they are many and feel fear of not translate them all because as a filming would review each and I find with all its wealth of which I am now owner and being knowledge nothing nobody can snatch it me because it is my legacy and is thus heredare all beings in universal love. The visit in Guadalajara to the Japanese garden commenting that I could inhale the aroma of peace, tranquility, visualize, and fill me with your design with that harmony which made me understand the chaos in search of internal order, because human hands can create to transmit love from nature; He brought my stillness spirit though feelings swept, since my full attention was reflected in the bushes of azaleas, filled with white flowers bringing memories of my childhood, where the atmosphere filled my mother taking care of these plants with much diligence. During the 12th Forum of holistic education world finds that other people in various parts of the world have experiences similar to the disciplines that presents holistic education as Jack Miller talking about love and education or Nel Noddings on happiness and education, theme with which I got involved simply getting reflections personal of which left my decision to be happy and find endure as well.


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In your home a kitten. Before you bring a kitten home, it is necessary to determine whether your cat is purely flats resident. If yes, then teach it to toilet should be the very first hours. How? Absolutely successful recipe, of course not. Typically, for these purposes in a toilet for cats pose a special tray, and there are two options for using it: with a grid (the so-called "dry feet) or with a filler, which is sold in specialty stores. Which of these methods to use, it's you and your cat. As soon as the kitten will appear in your house, do not carry it directly into his room, much less put on a carpets or sofas.

Better Put the new tenant on the floor near the toilet and bathroom and watched him. You should try to catch the moment when he wants to pee: Usually kittens begin to fuss, as if looking for something, and sit down at the same time. Immediately grab the baby and carry on the "pot". Perhaps so as not to scare the cold plastic, will have to put in the tray pieces of newspapers. If you keep an eye on did not succeed, to be able to puddle paper and put it in the tray, and the very puddle immediately wash thoroughly and wipe this place vinegar.

All this must be done because the cat smell to determine the "place of offense" and can stage a permanent toilet. And so there is hope that the smell of a wet paper will bring her to wherever you need. This, of course, the ideal accustom the cat to the toilet, and there is no guarantee that you and your kitten will succeed the first time, but worth a try – you suddenly got a brilliant cat.

Saint Antonio

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They are distinguished from the areas of ' ' Legal&#039 reserve; ' , also defined in the same Code, for not being object of exploration of no nature, as it can occur in the case of the Legal Reserve, from a planning of sustainable exploration. Examples of APP are the areas delinquents of bodies d? water (rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs) and springs; areas of top of mounts and mountains, areas in accented hillsides, restingas and fens, among others. The definitions and limits of APP are presented, in details, Resolution CONAMA n 303 of 20/03/2002. MEDIDADAS MITIGADORAS Emater-Par through the local office is searching of intervention and reducing measures of ambient impacts with data-collectings of the activity next to the involved communities half, with proposals of ambient education, management and ambient support inside of the socioeconmico process with institucional partnerships municipal, to involve union, Semagri, City department of Environment, City department of Education, State Secretariat of Environment? Similar SEMA and other institutions. FINAL CONSIDERAES In accordance with the surveys, in field carried through, what if it observed, with the referring research, were to the disordered extration of the Taboca in the city of Saint Antonio of the Tau, that occurs mainly for economic and social factors, neither, offer of job, what it makes with that the inhabitants of the related city, appeal to the informal work, so that they guarantee its survival. In result of observed the partner-economic and ambient problems, as unemployment, me the income distribution and me the quality of life, such partner-economic scene finishes for unchaining another problem, the degradation of the environment, that occurs due to falling of trees of taboca, therefore, the ambient impacts generated by this activity not cause only its extinguishing, and yes, all affects the ecosystem of such locality, still more preoccupying consequence. Taboca, in the City of Saint Antonio of the Tau, also plays function of ciliar bush, that is, borders the rivers of this city, with ecological, biological, hidrolgicas functions and physical, what cause benefits in the maintenance of biodiversity, protection of the ground against erosion, among others essential factors for the maintenance of the species and also of the life human being.

Milton Erickson

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And what you have achieved and accomplished in life – a result which brought you unconscious. And it's the most incomprehensible way, sometimes some roundabout way and bypass roads, with a minimum of effort, taking into account all known factors leads you to the ends. For those purposes, which it has, and which you do not suspect (otherwise you'd be happy with what you striving for). That makes it the very best option available at this time to a situation where you were, and lead to certain consequences. And what do you think a failure is actually success. The success of your subconscious.

Not for nothing did I call it wise. True, his first so named Milton Erickson, and only he knew about him more than anyone else. I will return to the question of how to instruct the subconscious to the right path. Or, rather, make friends with him so that it reached and your conscious goals. But this question is a single long article or book.

In the meantime, back to the main topic of the article. No injuries – there is only feedback. Very good, positive approval. Because the lesions do not. How would it corny it sounds: no result – the result, too. You can never take into account all factors influencing the outcome of your actions. That is why defeat is nothing like your new experience. Or, to put it eNeLPerski, feedback. Feedback – this is the mechanism of homing, which tells you about the result of your actions to further their adjustment. Such mechanism is used, by the way, all sorts of self-guided rockets, robots and other hi-tech toys. At the organism level, this mechanism works well for everyone. Otherwise you would not even a spoon would not be able bring to his mouth. Not to mention the barrel of a gun:) But on a personal level … As far as a man may have been reasonable, but some can be safely attributed to the species Homo Antisapiens. Because they are completely cut off this mechanism, while continuing to hammer away at head against the wall when there is next door. They forget about one of the most important rules for success: If you want to get something that has never received, you need to do something never done before. Without understanding of this elementary principle, many stupidly continue as programmed in a few specific functions of robots that perform the same steps until enough strength until you get bored or to perform them. How not to do you already know. This is the very defeat or failure. What you need: the scientific method at random, by a careful data from 10 unknown or simply discussing issues with competent people, you decide. At this point I am not an adviser.

The Country

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In this direction, Sacks (1998, P. 44) clarifies that: ' ' The language of signals must be introduced and be acquired more early possible, seno its development can permanently be delayed and wronged, with all on problems to the capacity of ' ' proposicionar' ' … The deaf children need to be ece of fishes in first contact with fluentes people in the language of signals, they are its parents, professors or others. As soon as the communication for signals will be learned, and it can be fluente to the three years of age, everything then can elapse: it exempts intercurso of thought, it exempts flow of information, learning of the reading and writing and, perhaps, of fala' '. Of this form one perceives that the language of signals is important and indispensable for making possible the linguistic domain and the capacity to express of full form and insurance with its pairs; the official language of the country (in the case of the Brazilian deaf person the Portuguese) verbal and/or writing will make possible the communication with the half listener.

The exposition to the language of signals, since the beginning of the life of the deaf children would guarantee the right to a language in fact e, in result of it, a satisfactory cognitivo functioning, thus facilitating the education of the Portuguese language. Inside of the proposal bilingual, the language of signals is a natural language, acquired of spontaneous form for the deaf person in contact with people use who it. In the direction of this to think these guided people they have the right of being alfabetizadas and, in the academic life, language of signals. According to Goldfeld (1997), it has two distinct forms of definition of the bilingual philosophy, which are: the first one believes that the deaf child must acquire the language of signals as L1 and the verbal modality of the language of its country as L2.

Physical Education

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Words key: Physical education; Physical activity; Quality of Life. ABSTRACT bio-physiological Physical education has prioritized and emphasized the dimension, but new issues, stemming from the perception of the complexity of human actions have been brought by this other scientific field. Quality of life is an ambiguous term, complex, subjective and you vary from person you person and especially in culture and teams. It identifies the interaction of the dimensions of health promotion, quality of life and physical activity within movement initiated in the physical education and sports sciences, whose epistemological physical axis focuses on increasing the level of activity the general population and you increase to their involvement with activities that result in energy expenditure above the rest, making individuals lives activates. Dominant trend in the field of physical education establishes relationship between physical activity and healthy behavior. This study aims you the show the importance of physical education in the life of the school, pointing out the aspects of relevance in improving the quality of life and explaining you them that physical education is important them to other subjects of the school because she is related you the health of students and content well and applied adds approaches can be very significant and may be useful will be the rest of to their lives. Although involving small portion of the total quantity of students and teachers from the City of Araguaina, this research leads US you consider what projects, forums, debates; campaigns on the subject should be encouraged, to either by public institutions or universities, only that the subject spread within schools. Key-words: Physical Education, Physical Activity, Quality of Life. INTRODUCTION This study had as objective generality to search As to improve the quality of life of the pupils through the lessons of Physical Education and to clarify doubts regarding the importance and of these lessons in the schools, and as objective specific to provide to quality of life and welfare, improving the intellectual, social capacities cultural, organic, spirituals and politics of the pupils through a script of interviews with pupils and professors of Physical Education.