Tips For Learning English

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Steps 1. Needed to purchase basic English skills and listening. 2. At least one hour a day listening to select the texts in English, for example: news (BBC), radio (NPR, Radio Four), songs (listening), movies. Naturally in the beginning you will not understand much about what was going on, but it will help you get used to the intonation and pronunciation speed. And even without grasping the details of the conversation, you'll understand what is at stake.

3. Reading, English texts need to spend 2-3 hours a day. So you'll build your vocabulary, phrases, expressions. Regular reading of books in English, in the future will save much time and effort on vocabulary. Desirable read aloud to hone pronunciation.

4. For proper communication in English, to learn the phonetic alphabet – it will help you put the correct intonation and pronunciation. 5. Skills gained from hearing and Reading is better to use in correspondence with friends in English. It will also improve writing skills. 6. Make friends with a foreigner. Well listen to him and ask more questions in order to maintain a conversation. The questions try to respond as fully as possible, explaining the reasons, not just "yes" or "no." 7. Always take an English-Russian dictionary. When encountering unfamiliar words, just looking for translations in the dictionary. 8. Newly learned words to later repeat several times, otherwise you'll forget them after a couple of days. 9. Try to think in English. This will help you easier to have hearing and speaking it. 10. For the opportunity to study the culture of English-speaking countries. 11. Sometimes write small dictation in English, and compared with the original. 12. Do not stop to practice English, learn something new. English as a plant, it needs to be regularly "water" and "nurture". Otherwise it just "Usohnet" in your memory.

Religious Education

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In the same scene we will be able to witness the disgust of the same father and to know that its adolescent son also has active sexual life and is making what she wants with its body, therefore it is free. The ideal of freedom nailed for the rationalism and humanismo, teaches to children and young deliberately to contest the authorities and simply to discredit in Christian moral principles. The social order and many times until familiar are placed in check. It is common to find educators who classify youth as ' ' the age of rebeldia' ' , and to say that soon they will be mature and be ready to assume its role in the society. However, everything what it was taught in the school, all the freedom principles, and ' ' to live vida' ' they must be faced as a phase of youth and then when this ' ' fase' ' to pass, that is, when the young will not be rebellious, that is, when it to forget all the philosophy education that received the life all.

There yes it will be ready for ' ' to assume its papel' ' in the society. The great reached social and scientific advance until then, cannot be rejected, however, if it makes necessary the presence of Christian values in the pertaining to school resume, not as it disciplines since this is paper of religious education. But yes as education philosophy, therefore in contrast of practical educational the current one, the values Christian are taught for the children and wait that they grow with these principles and never abandons them, therefore thus will only have a society joust, igualitria, with quality of life and space for all. Final conclusion Religious Education and Christian Education, at the first moment, seem to be similar in almost all the aspects. However, after to define its foundations and intentions, is clearly the importance and differences between each one.

College Scholarships

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The early months of each year the calls are open to participate in student scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate. There are many offers and each organization has its own requirements. Know them: Fulbright Colombia: is a U.S. educational exchange program.UU. with Colombia for 55 years.It offers 150 annual postgraduate scholarships, research and teaching.They have an average value of US$ 120,000 and are addressed to leaders with an impact project for the country and ability to create and innovate, to propose solutions to local problems and be multipliers of knowledge. Calls are open until May 31. Colfuturo: is the Colombian organization that offers creditos-beca to make programs of master and doctorate abroad.This year, in which meets 20 years since its Foundation, it will offer 1,000 quotas for students of academic excellence, which equals $ 33 million, approximately.

His main condition is that the students are back to the country to exercise their knowledge. These calls are open until April 30. Daad: the German Academic Exchange service seeks to promote academic exchanges between Colombia and the Germanic country.It offers 25 programs of University scholarships in all areas of knowledge, for undergraduate and graduate studies, for short trips and research.Year alone passed traveled 634 beneficiaries of these programs. Most are permanently open. Icetex: this entity is linked to the Ministry of national education and seeks to promote academic development in higher education for all social strata.

It also has a program of international cooperation that offers scholarships for Colombians to different countries with whom exchanges of this kind can be made.Also provides educational expeditions, internships, international baccalaureate and prize promotion programmes of recognition for academic excellence. although in many universities published scholarships abroad, these entities have ongoing programmes that must be reviewed during the year. They also offer training to present an excellent documentation when submitting to their calls. Other entities that have free academic programs are embassies and Governments of different countries throughout the year, so it is recommended to review the information they publish, periodically.

Research Quality

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(7) The regulations in force in the field of advanced studies is still very poor: there are very few references on the postgraduate in the organic law of education in the universities Act and the regulations in force on the subject contains gaps and contradictions. (8) In general, programs or postgraduate courses in Venezuela, especially in the official sector, are conceived and executed by initiatives of small academic groups, without active participation of the beneficiaries of their products (economic sector, education authorities, professional associations, scientific and technical system or the cultural and political sectors) and usually used a traditional pedagogy, low performance, centered in the escolarismo, the theoretical class, vertical relations professors and others to new technologies. In consequence, this set of academic activities requires, obviously, adjustments that really become a national system consistent, with clear objectives and measurable social and scientific impact. Currently serious problems that must be solved are manifested as: programs not tailored to the national and international stage demands graduate profile not in line with the requirements of the current inappropriate lack of teachers for full-time mission and vision plant stage academic quality of teaching academic quality of participants lack of tutors to work of grade lack of attention to the participant for consultations outside the hours of class poor identification of the use of Research little linkage with the absence of publications of magazines environmental needs, work little integration and use of new technologies of computing significant absence of the virtual classroom, courses, seminars, conferences on line infrastructure inadequate absence of proactive authorities, strategists, visionary, participatory coordination absence of proper functionality of the Council’s postgraduate inadequate administrative systems in both direction. Administrative disorganization. Absence of data banks updated regulations budget institutional relations assessment waste of talent, human capital methodology of learning systems. Advertising and promotion requirements of entry and egress absence of exchanges accreditation quality, productivity and relevance work of grade percentage of graduates in relation to the amount total of students in a given moment quality of service each of these problems requires be evaluated, considering its scope, impact on academic excellence, operability of postgraduates, must give feedback with the corresponding actions that prevent its manifestationreason of other writing.


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Probably everyone knows from an early age what the Coliseum and the gladiators who are. Understanding of these concepts can be a little different, but most likely the difference is not significant. For example, if someone say that the Coliseum gladiators fought to the death, then each student will tell you that this man is right in his assertion. Opinions may differ only in how all this action took place. How can actually fight took place between gladiators? Did gladiators by individuals? Definitely, scientists can not answer, mainly because few sources of information preserved at the time, which could be considered less reliable.

Try to understand, based on the facts that are already proven and in many respects, undisputed. Rome in the era of its early development was already densely populated. Residents were a pretty motley lot of people having, as a rule, different interests. What united them, except that they were the Romans? Most of all – nothing! Therefore, we can assume that it is building amphitheaters and knock into games has been one of general interest (If not only) by the Romans. Log in any time of the amphitheater was free, was not, as now we would say, face-control. That is, the game came young and old and rich and poor, patrician and plebeian. The whole crowd on stage demanded one of his – 'bread and circuses'. Under the shows, I suppose they imagined battles between gladiators and fights with wild animals. Gladiatorial combat was borrowed from the Etruscans and the tribe was an important part of the funeral rites, conquered by the Romans, of the tribe.

Active Trainer

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On the other hand, the future nor can be changed, as it cannot be changed so that does not already exist. The future is an extension of the past that begins in the present. Memories, routines, successes, failures, dreams are some of the parameters that make up the identity, which is be individual or collective. This essence in her interact with the environment becomes a perspective of reality more or less certain, since the information is never complete; pop-ups are difficult to anticipate; they are not in the research journals, do not exist while I write this article, but it may be when publish it. The truth is that we look at reality from particular systems of interpretation and the information we collect depends on the cognitive network from where we look at it.

The reality is comprised of what fits into our network of meanings, what is outside it, first must be accepted as Active Trainer and participant element of the aforementioned network, to be then accepted as reality. Based on this postulate, all from our viewpoint staff observe the world, relate it with our being and on that basis we build. Nowhere there then get to where, there is no point whatsoever to reached; because the future is not forward, but in our eyes, in our paradigms, in indicators trainers of the tool with which we will build that pending that doesn’t exist yet: our Vision. The Vision is not, therefore, the prediction of the future, but the unifying element, the concept that moves the crane motor of the future, the symbol that exerts its hegemonic power on the isolated data, weaves together them and makes them walk. It is finally, a present in the future you have to build, and from which shall be our Vision of the more beyond.