Cultural Heritage

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If I do not like Dante or Beethoven, that’s my problem. I, with my conscience than (the wealth of my soul and my feelings will be those that will undoubtedly be strongly impaired), which Beethoven or not I need to Dante me to continue his triumphant voyage across space and time to germinate renewed in the sensitivity of each new human generation until eternity. “I hate Don Quixote. Never will read James Joyce’s Ulysses, “we heard from many with pride and even arrogance even satisfied. These attitudes of closeness, never right, of course, but on the contrary, thoughtless and utterly irrational, deeply anchored in subjectivity and revealing huge gaps, and often for serious complex, preventing it (painfully) to participate and enjoy what their own right, as human beings we are, we belong: the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. What is there to do just that: that we throw ourselves joyfully to its full and total enjoyment and allow ourselves to be enveloped by its charitable fumes until they permeate our spirits and make us richer, more complex, more sensitive, more full. More human, basically.

Of course, a matter of open-mindedness, open-minded and unbiased, curiosity and restless soul, geared to new and novel and vriedad infinite universal art. But sensitivity, aware and dedicated education of taste, refinement and refinement of the senses and perceptual abilities and even even (and especially) work, study and analysis. Of course there are always some more or less marked preference in the intervening personal taste. I, for example, to stick with the music-some years now listen preferentially and almost the only jazz and classical music.

Western Hemisphere Business

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It is noted, trachea is an even more threatening to the Russian-Venezuelan alliance .. tiempoo ago Soviet Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov signed a military cooperation treaty with his Venezuelan counterpart at the time, Jose Vicente Rangel. From ahoraa says the source, it is expected that Russian military advisers to join Chinese advisers operating in South America. Can also be found with the deployment of new weapons systems in the Western Hemisphere, including aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles. We have already discussed in other writings, that the Venezuelan government’s approach to Russia has been identified as a priority strategy for the defense and strengthening of national sovereignty through agreements on commercial, technological, scientific, educational, energy and security and defense, as noted by El Espectador of Colombia, noting that if the main threat to Venezuela is the activation of the fourth United States Navy, the alliance with Russia will provide stability and national security is known, in recent years venezuelae slab has compradoa Russia of 24 Sukhoi fighter jets, 53 helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, worth 3,500 million dollars. Definitely Venezuela has moved closer to Russia and think their alliance will allow progress to employ, especially cona energy agreements for the exploitation of hydrocarbons in the country. Taking into account the experience, technology Russian. Hence, the Revolutionary government Bolivarianoa lay the groundwork for the formation of a Russian-Venezuelan state bank that will fund bilateral projects.

Do not forget that Venezuela was Russia’s loans for more than 4,000 million dollars to buy arms for defense, for the modernization of the Bolivarian Armed Forces. a It is said that the next forward contract will focus on Venezuelan nuclear development (Russia build a nuclear reactor in Venezuela) and transfer of nuclear technology to be used for civilian purposes, a La alianzaa has been strengthened so that the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Primakov, stressed that Russian business supports socio-political changes in America and, especially, from Venezuela. a He noted, indicated that the social commitment in Venezuela by the Russian business is always present and has created a fleet of emergency Tucupita, which has 9 modern boats that have served the community for help Warao of the eastern region. In the next letter will be an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that this Partnership, with its conventions, treaties, means for the country. Industrial Engineer-manager, abogado.

Reconnecting To The Source

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Our youth, so therefore has a much bigger push and more desire than us. The assimilation of knowledge past does not mean they have mastered only mobile phones and computers more skillfully than us. These issues are much more substantial: they have an inherent desire to find out what they live. And when they can not answer this question, we get restless, distracted, and depressed, then the "diagnosed" as suffering from a disorder, and they prescribe addictive drugs. Today, a growing proportion of them is finding it increasingly difficult to find purpose in their existence. These young people are frustrated, and some take out their frustration on alcohol or drugs. But just try to avoid the pain of the emptiness within them.

The solution so far, instead of addressing the problem at its root, we suppress the symptoms, fighting the "messenger", calming our children with superficial means, instead of trying to read the message. We need a substantial change in our education system and the values it promotes. Our children want to know why we live and depend on us to provide the answer. The key concept that should guide us in this process is to "educate young people according to their way." Instead of trying to adapt to the child or adolescent to the model we have created or we grew, we should try to coordinate our teaching methods and curriculum to the changing needs of our children, to find the best way to make our children mature human beings, human in the fullest sense of the word. It is not the amount of knowledge that a child absorbs what we should care, but quality. It is imperative that when you leave the education system is able to answer the essential question about life that all young people ask.

For that to happen, we will gradually incorporate the content that explains human nature, the origin of our emotions and experiences, our role as individuals and as a society, and, above all, the purpose that leads to life achieve. Reconnecting the Source of Life Only by knowing the laws of nature we discover the full picture of reality. He who takes the force that works behind the actions, understands where you are going life and see the consequences of each act that decides to take or avoid. Our world seems to narrow and unattractive because the inside has grown within us, remains separated from the source of life. If we can reconnect and delete this separation, all the suffering will disappear. The increasing disorientation, alienation, and separation of youth are no coincidence. They are here to encourage positive change in reality. By joining our current reality with the solution offered, we will discover the inside that our children are looking so desperately trying to escape from reality. So, do not require any medication, and feel that their parents and teachers are providing the tools to face life successfully. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cyber-netic, Doctor of Philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel. More information yy

Education Form

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It has a new didactic-metodolgica boarding that exceeds the perspective of the professor to give ready concepts on the environment, to speak only on the physical aspect of the natural resources and distant realities of form stanches. The norteador axle of the process of education and learning must be the reality of the educandos, breaking itself, in this in case that, of problematic the ambient one that the fence, propitiating itself a reflection on questions come back toward the preservation of the nature and the formation of the ecological citizen. Ahead of these affirmations, we agree to Oak (2008, p.77) when standes out that: ' ' The Education happens as part of the action human being to transform the nature into culture, being attributed to it directions, bringing it for the field of the understanding and the experience human being to be in the world and to participate of vida' '. In turn, Freire (2005, P. 30) explains: ' ' A reflection of the man exists face to the reality. The man tends to catch a reality, making it object of its knowledge. Cognoscente of a cognoscvel object assumes the position of a citizen. That is proper of all the men and privilege of some (therefore the reflexiva conscience does not have to be stimulated: to obtain that educating reflects on its realidade' '.

In this meantime, while beings partner-descriptions that act directly on the reality, the individuals must be always searching to understand this reality in the multiple aspects and to transform it of positive form. Since early, this position must in such a way be stimulated in the family, as? of systematic form? in the education institutions. We also send the Education ambient, that can, and must be a great allied of the school and all the population in the direction to make possible strategies of prevention and conservation of the way, associates the individual and collective action.

Laptop Loan In University

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Most Spanish universities offer their students a service of individual loan from laptops through their libraries. This free resource should be for academic purposes, as a tool for supporting learning and research. All enrolled students can access the loan of these teams and make use of them for a limited time (three, four hours or more, depending on each institution) within the University facilities. At the moment the computer is an essential tool for college students. Besides being a basic instrument to elaborate works, notes and other study materials, is an indispensable means for access to the network and thus to all sources of information available in it that facilitate learning and support student in their process of teaching. But not all students have sufficient resources to have their own computer equipment, either which possess is not portable and therefore not can move with you and make use of it When the occasion requires.

To facilitate the academic activity of these students, the University libraries have joined their services the individual loan of portable computers, a free resource that can be accessed by all students enrolled in the institution of higher education. How it works the laptop loan service works just like other study materials. The interested party must apply at the counters of the libraries and submit the documentation required in each case (library, University or national ID card) to identify themselves. It is important to note that this provision is conditioned exclusively to academic use by the user. For access to on-line information resources related to learning, teaching and research, or to use basic computer applications that allow you to create, edit, or save documents and content of study. At the time of the loan, the student must fill in and sign a document of acceptance of the conditions of use of computer equipment which contained among other things: the loan period: each Center, according to availability and the number of laptops that count, sets the maximum time of loan, which is usually limited to a few hours within the academic schedule, although there are some exceptions, such as the University of Salamanca, which allows the use during the weekends.

School Purposes

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And parallel to this the birth of the school is also how institution. Coincidence? The school in its origins, education was created to fulfill certain purposes (i.e., intentional, no education is neutral according to Freire), either as the cognitive development of man, as a being, release mechanism as a generator of realities, etc. The institutionalization of education, i.e. the school; in theory, he sought to follow the same aims and purposes. Today education is worshipped by almost all of the men, the education is held and admired by those who have the ability to possess it; School (for being in the service of education) is equally admired and almost no human being is capable of imagining that it is a corrupt, corrupt, entity is exercised where abuse of power, be ineffective in its purposes and which is subservient to the interests of certain minorities and used as a tool to meet the purposes of others sectors (read state, church or corporations) then see a school that is not in the service of humanity, that is not at the service of being, which is not in the service of freedom of man, but a spawning patterns of domination school, dependent on external entities that handle blatantly under their interests, we see the school how oppressive institutionforming of slaves, ineffective in the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was created, fraught with anti values and dependent on certain organisms that stained them at your whim, that is not at the service of man but to the system set up. This Freire, ineffective school, had already seen it but not from the external point of view, but the same intrinsic school. We see a learner oppressed, molded to the whim of the interests of third parties. We see a bank education where educators (being also dominated and oppressed by the system) deposited in the minds of learners, information that is interested that they handled.