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There are many companies that today already have a quality system.Ask him that benefits have been obtained from it. Your answers will be different; image, savings in costs, better organization, increased business, accessibility to contests of official bodies, etc. But your answers have something in common, a general improvement in the company. If you now ask them what is the way they have chosen to achieve implementation of the system, will encounter two responses basically:-the external advice and – the hiring of an expert and incorporate it into the enterprise the first template is very comfortable, consists in searching for a firm of recognised prestige and request that through visits and work in common to create a system capable of being certified by a third party. It is a delivery that we could call turnkey. This option is easy for the company but has its drawbacks. The first is that it is very expensive. For a small business (up to 20 employees) it can cost between 2,000 and 4,000.

The second is that the company is not involved in the fully the process (only those directly related to the project are which relate to the consultant). This situation produces that, after the process, life remains the same in the company. The second option (the hired expert), is even more expensive, means a person more in template for a specific task, so it is only acceptable for owls type enterprises, since the cost is very high for small. Its advantage is that the company implements from within the system and having a person responsible for the theme of quality, its follow-up, updating and commitment is virtually assured. But nowadays new roads open.

We are accustomed to see listings of courses, masters, formations, etc. online. Take advantage of new technologies to our business advantage. The on-line method combines the advantages of the two classic formulas of implantation of a quality system (Advisor externo-experto internal). Through online counseling any company can deploy the system in a manner Economic and efficient. Specially designed for small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford incorporate into template a person to fill the post of head of quality, the on-line system assumes that by investing small (600-1,000) your company may be ready to be certified by a third party. On-line system means more work for the company, since it has to perform all the work herself without face-to-face help, but in this way ensures that the implication of the majority of the employees will be important, since their participation is going to be active and not of be limited to tell things to an external or accept an internal decisions. As to resolve questions that arise during the deployment, system online will not only let, provides assistance by email or telephone to solve all the problems adequately. The part of training is. Normally these companies that want access to the implementation of ISO 9001, lack previous training to do so. In the online consultants a training package is normally included so that both the person in charge of the implementation project and the rest of the employees (including address), receive sufficient information to cope with the entire process of implementation. At the end of the implementation the company will have a system that has matured herself, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and the commitment of its workforce will be ISO 9001 standards adapted to their reality.

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It is fantastic technology evolve and what this can do for companies today. It is transcendental to make new forms of marketing, ways to promote the high impact on consumers and the money invested in this type of techniques. These new communication technologies have enabled companies interact with customers and prospects interested in a niche of particular, an exchange of ideas via e-mail. Definitely the engine of the economy of the companies are its clients. Without customers there is no business, no money, there is no life. Precisely that same step in business in internet, life is on customers and prospects. Prospects come to our business searching keywords on google related to what we do: for example if they are looking for a diet to lose weight and our page contains information related to that topic visitors interested in what you offer.

It is however necessary to capture them using a form of voluntary subscription. If for example we have 100 visits per day to at least 5 people and our web site visitors, by multiplying 5 365 = 1825 at the end of the year we will have 1825 people who at some point will buy what we offer them. Imagine that in the not distant future you had a list of 100,000 skilled highly segmented and interested, you’d be doing thousands of dollars on the internet and with a business running successfully. If you would like to start? Search online the best providers of email marketing, which I personally use for its ease and practicality is aweber.com Aweber is a management system emails that distributes your emails instantly to your subscriber list by simply pressing a button. Offers you the option to try it for a month to just 1 dollar. Resource highly recommended if you want to have a system of high quality emails. PS: Remember the money lists of voluntary subscription, begins to build yours right away original author and source of the article.

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In recent years, the media world has been full of stories far-fetched about millionaires because of the Internet. Many of these stories also have details about how fast these fortunes have been mixes. In addition to these abundant stories, words such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others are used implicitly. If your not raisins long time browsing on the Internet or only use it to check emails, do shop at Amazon or MercadoLibre.com for example, then the names of the web sites that I just mentioned do not mean much for you while you already know them, but I want to tell you that all these social networking sites are highly successful and have earned many millions of dollars to their creators. These social sites have promoted the internet is even more (if fit) a global phenomenon with greater impact worldwide because it invites users to remain active and up-to-date. Well we know that these social networks allows to easily keep in touch with the school, former Labour former or expand our circle of friends joining groups organized by common interests.

Social networks have had impact even in the political world, that is why it is not uncommon to see that world leaders such as Barack Obama and the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, already have their own sites on Facebook. Facebook is now number one worldwide with 400 million users about the social network. Be honest, I’m not very regular in social networks because without realizing it, you can take long time. But on the other hand, I believe that social networks (especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) are indispensable for smart promotion of any business based on internet or business from home. Therefore, before wasting time on these social networks should be trained to be able to get the most out and so use to our advantage. Today, if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, you simply don’t exist. While more contacts, which have common interests, follow you on Twitter faster than you can post your articles and videos with the community of all these social networks. It is worth mentioning that in this world of Internet business, it is important to provide expertise and share opinions without expecting anything in return.

In the manner in which more contributions, more you will receive. A clear example of this is participation commenting on blogs that contain articles of interest for you and publish (tweet) articles, sites or blogs that interest you. Why? Because the more partakers in the Middle, you do notice and bloggers will realize this and begin to publish your articles and your blog only by reciprocity. It is an excellent way of doing promotion through videos, that is why I recommend widely sold with Videos of my friend Chema Barboza course. He is a person with several years already experience in the world of online business, lives in fact of the Internet business (something that many cannot say publicly) and explains in very simple way how to make videos for promote what you want. Visit my blog and subscribe to the free training about Internet business. Insurance will be interested and will come in very useful.

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At that time, stopped reading the Book momentarily. I remember that just at that time, he had managed to save as $9,000. My dream had been to buy me a used BMW. I had planned give those savings over my old truck hitch, and above all, stay paying fees during 3 years there, lying in my bed the first thing I thought was: Yes, clear. I can’t be disciplined but in the next.

I only buy my truck and it will then change my lifestyle. The next time saving it. I promise. At that moment, I telephoned my brother, who was reading the same book I. They had given us for Christmas. I asked him if I had read that part and what he thought thereon. I only buy my car and then would change my spending habits.

l answered me: Joseph, there is no next. Why is he (the reader) will challenge at this moment. If you can not do so now, forget your dream to become rich. That day I thought that my brother, smaller, but not less wise, He knew what he was doing, and he would achieve his goal before me. That could not pass! I promise you that the decision I made that day has changed my life forever. The problem is that to become rich, one must save, not spend. One must invest, not buy. While later you begin to accumulate his fortune, it will be harder to him. Do you have the required discipline? It will begin to be disciplined today or just once buy what you so much you wanted? If you decided to be disciplined as of today, we are going well. Otherwise you must find a way to controlling their impulses and cat purchase. Interesting thing is that once one manages to change his way of thinking yempieza to invest, it becomes like a Vice. Whenever one has money think about where might invest it instead of where you can spend it. Start today. So do not delay. Take that decision, because in this life, every minute counts and there is always someone ahead of one that I already take those first steps. Think about how much his best friend get your financial freedom and you do not. It will continue to do regretting? If you want to change your life forever go a: SecretosDeMarketingDigital.com there will find the way to start your business on the Internet.

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The only literature to our theme that could find was a book by Christopher Farrell, "Day Trading Online" – if you ignore the excesses of practical examples on the American Stock Exchange, and skip the intro, where as any American has written a book, he thanked all those who are only able to remember it, the theme of scalping can crystallize in three statements. 1. Scalping means to profit from market changes that have no economic sense, either by using its short-term effect. 2. Starting from the first statement, scalping the market can be divided into two subspecies. The first – Is the bid-ASA spredding, that is almost simultaneous exposure Limit orders to buy and sell on the edges of the spread to profit from the difference between the purchase price and sale price. Second – trading on pulse – here profits obtained by a rapid entry into position on the early momentum, and equally rapid exit.

3. Achieving a positive result from this style of trading is possible with technical and psychophysical benefits trader. To dry theory full of practical sense, we consider these allegations as an example of our favorite instrument Scalping – RTS Index futures (for brevity I'll write their name on the stock exchange – RIZ). So, to see how to profit from short-term changes in futures prices, look at the so-called glass. Buy or sell stock assets can in many ways. Us to further work will be only two: the administration of the broker application of purchase / sale of an asset at market price with its immediate execution – market application, and administration of the application of purchase / sale of an asset at a specified price with us – application is executed if the specified price becomes the market – Limit application.

The Learning Process

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As Bossa (2007) this term mentions to it the application of psychology to the pedagogia, establishing connection itself it several others interdisciplinares that they compose its theoretical referencial for prevention and correction of its object of study the learning human being in its normal and pathological states, as well as the influence of the way as: family, school, society in its development. The Psicopedagogia if has constituted in the privileged space to think on the teach-learning questions. Being thus, she is closely on to the act to play, as knowledge source. By means of proper techniques and methods psicopedagogo makes possible a psicopedaggica intervention aiming at to the solution of learning problems. The process of learning of the child is understood as a more including process, implying component of some axles of estruturao as affectivity, cognitivo, social, cultural, among others. The learning process, as well as its difficulties, leaves to only focus the pupil and the professor separately and passes to be seen as a process of interactions between both the parts with innumerable variations that they need to be apprehended with sufficient care for the professor and psicopedagogo. Being thus, it is possible to evidence that one of the forms of psicopedaggico work is making use of the playful one, wants either in the diagnosis, or the treatment.

Then, according to Bossa (2007, P. 31) ‘ ‘ in this work to teach to learn, psicopedagogo appeals the disgnostic criteria in the direction to understand the imperfection in the learning … ‘ ‘ this being a clinical work with its objective of prevention of the learning problems, thus in the diagnosis, the playful activity is a rich instrument of clinical inquiry, therefore it allows the citizen to express itself freely, through the action of the act to play, the child it constructs to a space between the reality and the imagination.


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Situations lead us to take immediate decisions to solve our present but sometimes we lose sight of what is best in the long term. This is what many people believe when they miss look back and are given account of that decision begin working without a solid educational base not served as a great thing. Often need to work overlaps on other things in life aside other possibilities that could have brought further today. This is what he thinks many people when realizes would have liked to study a university career in his time and believed, wrongly we already it has no chance to recover lost time. But nothing could be further from the truth. Currently the possibility of choosing a University that offers degrees to study at your own pace and distance from where you are (home, work, etc). This possibility opens many doors to whom at the time not studied or decided whom to complete their training by profesiona1es issues or the simple pleasure of learning. Studies that offer these centers have the same validity and worth than any degree issued by traditional universities.

The thematic programmes are in accordance with the established and which Yes means a big change is the system to follow the course. The educational platforms like moodle, forums, blogs, exchange of information, facilitate a flow of multidirectional information profesor-alumnos – fellow that hardly in a conventional classroom. The fact of being able to distribute the hours of study as we go well are another advantage that offer this type of methodological approaches. Personal tutors are responsible for proposed by the University that make moderators and solve the questions that students may have. With them it can keep a relationship via mail or telephone depending on availability of the professor.

Superior Education

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Of this form, to work in the perspective of the construction and production of the knowledge, permeadas for elements of the creativity, that despertem in the pupil the taste for new forms of ' ' to know fazer' ' , he will contribute for primordial changes in university education. He requires yourself today, professors competent, capable to mobilize a set of cognitivos resources to solve on situations and conflicts the social and professional contexts, leading in consideration the individuality of the human being. Thus being, she is necessary to understand that the educational activity possesss pedagogical natures and characteristics, metodolgicas and affective interrelacionadas, that influence in the formation human being and the appropriation of knowing. Moreover, that the educative process if affirms between the theory and the practical one and that it is important to recognize that the craft of professor if points out in the historical dynamics of the learning human being, of teaching and learning that includes the most diverse plans of culture, if not limiting to education technician 3. FORMATION FOR SUPERIOR EDUCATION the Law of Lines of direction and Base LDB n 9394/96 treats in art.

43? Of the Superior Education, the question of the requirement of the titulao for the exercise of the function. However, our quarrel is concerning the importance of the formation in the docncia for superior education, in a question ampler than it is the understanding of the conditions for which these professionals enter the academic exercise. On the formation of the professors (PEPPER; ANASTASIOU, 2010 P. 37), identify that: ' ' In the majority of the institutions of superior education, including the universities, even so its professors possess significant experiences and same years of studies in its specific areas, predominate the unpreparedness until a scientific unfamiliarity of what it is the process education learning, for which start to be responsible the parts in the instant where they enter room of aula.' ' Retaking this thematic one reflections under the different approaches appear and paradigms regarding knowing professors to them, generating diverse controversies in the university scope, that if comes across with the necessity to contract professors and, for many times these professionals not yet possess an adjusted formation to assume this function.

Ernesto Negrin

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Support processes: people provide the necessary physical resources for the rest of processes and in accordance with the requirements of internal customers, which include the management of human resources; the Provisioning in property investment, machinery, tools, hardware and software and the process of maintaining the infrastructure; supplier management and the preparation and review of the quality management system. For its part, management processes consist of activities of evaluation, control, monitoring and measurement; They ensure the controlled operation of the other processes, in addition to providing the information they need to make decisions (better preventative than corrective) and develop effective improvement plans.

They work to collect data from the rest of the processes and processing them to turn them into valuable information accessible and applicable to decisions of your internal customers.In relation to the processes of direction, they are designed with transverse character to the rest of the company’s processes. Sometimes companies fall into the euphemism adapt to the approach by processes simply by changing the title of the procedure or replacing Department by process. To avoid this and give a sense worth finalist link management by processes with the company’s strategy. Ernesto Negrin says in this respect, management by processes can be conceptualized as the way to manage the entire organization based on processes, being defined as a sequence of activities aimed to generate an added value on an entry to get a result, and an output which in turn meets the customer’s requirements.The process approach is based on: the structuring of the Organization on the basis of processes oriented to customers change in the organizational structure of hierarchical to flat functional departments lose their raison d ‘ etre and there are multidisciplinary working on the process managers groups cease to act as supervisors and behave as apocadores employees are concentrated more on the needs of your customers and less on the standards set by his boss.