Foreign Languages

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You want to know the English language? A German from French and Spanish? In general, at least some foreign language? The answer is obvious: of course, yes. For many this is not just a desire and need for education, work, life Everybody wants to know a foreign language, but few who are willing to teach him. And to know, should be taught: to understand the rules, memorize the words, read books, constantly repeat what you have learned. Capable of it not many. Because this work and tension. People do not like to strain, they are struggling to avoid a lot of work. David G. DeWalt follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And the 'peck' on the modern techniques that week taught speaking and generally render a native speaker.

Well, maybe not in one week, but, for example, for two. It essentially does not change. Many would agree that a foreign language – it's a lot of work. Something can go easily – pronunciation, grammar, word growth, reading, writing, conversation – and something of the same list, a really very slowly and with little effort. In recent months, Natalie Ravitz has been very successful. This is very individual. But to make its own efforts and the use of force will need to be over. Someone is easier to learn the language yourself, by reading books in the original hearing record native speakers, and foreign language film. Someone does not think the study of language alone, we need all the time, support and direction in their studies. For such a variety of courses and individual teachers. In any case an important role in language learning, playing live communication with native speakers, which you provide Mauger Club of native speakers. The club has an excellent teacher of languages such as English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian.

Meditation Benefits

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The first seminar I attended, the spiritual intelligence that took place in March 2007, I began to integrate what they learned in the first half, was when I realized the importance of spirituality and I began to see it as a fundamental part of my daily life, I learned to conceive of meditation as a process essential to achieve peace of mind, control of emotions, self-awareness and equanimity. I practiced meditation, initially, as the first we were taught, was the abstract meditation by breathing support, with this practice could pacify the mind, begin to remain calm when necessary, speak slower, think before you speak, be more observant, sleep better and understand others. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of film director on most websites. From this seminar I began to understand that spiritual intelligence is that he needs the millions of people who inhabit the earth, for before this seminar, I thought that what people needed was emotional intelligence, social and aesthetics, before this, I had not made aware that spiritual intelligence integrates and transcends all kinds of intelligence, the latter is the only one that will allow us to be happy and the only land that will enable such survive predation and existential crisis experienced by millions of human beings. In my meditation practice, I could tell that at the beginning I had trouble concentrating, breathing and support, helped me clear my mind, as was compassionate, I could see in every human being to be worthy of respect, compassion and love, and what is more important to recognize in each, to a divine being who is in a process of evolution, made of the same nature that each and which like many is in a constant search for happiness.


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Fix your eyes on pieces of words, following the “sound” of them.

Our ability to raise is, however, much higher than that and we can, with basic training, capture complete sentences in each setting of the hearing. 7. You lose concentration. Very often, the reader passes inefficient lapses of concentration and, typically, reaches the end of a paragraph or page only to realize that his eyes went through the text, but remembers nothing. This continuous loss of concentration, this disconnection of the text is a direct result of inefficient and slow to read. Natalie Ravitz wanted to know more.

8. Lee recently. Most readers eschew inefficient read. Do not read on their own and what they have read to their studies or professional development, not read it. Looking for excuses, abstracts, whatever, but try not to read, he realized that the time it will take will be huge and the fruit of the effort is tiny. Even readers who love reading inefficient acknowledge that not everything you would want to read read and left without finishing many books. 9. It has little vocabulary. Most of the vocabulary and dominates a person gains obtained by way of reading. Other activities such as watching television and listening to the radio, they do little vocabulary, as is done with the minimum of words to ensure that a broad audience with very different levels of education understand the programs and advertisements.

Character Traits

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Character – is an indivisible whole. But to learn and understand a complex whole, like nature, can not, will not give it the individual parties or the typical manifestations (traits). Common traits are manifested in the relationship of personality to public responsibilities and duties, to people, to itself. Attitude to public duty and obligation primarily manifested in the identity of a public work. Please visit film director if you seek more information. In this context, to identify such traits as diligence, honesty, perseverance, thrift, and opposing them – laziness, carelessness, passivity, and profligacy. Man's attitude to work has a decisive effect on his other personal qualities.

di Pisarev wrote: "The character is tempered by work and who never get their own labor, their daily sustenance, the greater part remain forever weak, sluggish and unprincipled man." Attitude people clearly stands in such traits as sociability, politeness, kindness, etc. opposites of these traits are closed, tactless, ill. As stated by Victor Hugo, 'each Human three characters: one that he is credited, one which he himself attributes and, finally, one that is in reality '. In order to clarify the essence of his nature man is useful to know the opinion of his staff, in where he works and spends much of his life. And above all, how he had arranged with people, how you need it to people as far as he is authoritative among them. Attitudes toward self-evident in self-assessment of their actions. Sober self-esteem – it is one of the conditions to improve the individual, helping to develop such traits as humility, integrity, self-discipline.

English Grammar

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This book may be used both for self-study students and teachers to teach pupils and students. Complete a practical book with good illustrations make the classes practical and interesting. One of the advantages of this textbook lies in the fact that new words are memorized natural and simple way, and most importantly, the use of words and phrases explained in everyday contexts, not just in sentences, as is done in other benefits, especially in the home. Such a method (I call it brain storm – a brainstorming session), allows quick pick new words directly to the lesson, which I am convinced every time. A Headway, English Grammar in Use (R. Murphy) and many other books have already become a classic guide.

And no wonder. Their effectiveness is known to almost everyone, and probably you too. But, as the only textbook does not guarantee effective learning conversational speech. If you are interested in detailed information about all sorts of foreign textbooks, I suggest reading this informative article:. And to test knowledge of their students recommend the book Nelson English Language Tests. C of this book is very convenient determine the initial level and the further advancement of students. These tests are effective especially during the repetition of all the passed. I always use it.

And by the way, my method of checking knowledge prishodit after each the fifth lesson. This is much better than the repetition at the end of the course. And how to make their own methodology, as a novice tutor? And so, the textbook we have already chosen, but now let’s learn how to create a unique technique, creatively using simple textbooks and various programs.

Education References

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The children present doubts respect of the subjects that they even though see in the television and of simple subjects as the recycling. For more specific information, check out David G. DeWalt. One was about a project of applied research. Initially, one became fullfilled activities on thematic ambient with the children and them if they had compromised to practise the boarded subject, that is, the ambient protection inside of house and in the proper school. 3? Theoretical Referencial According to Law 6,938/81 of the Federal Government, the Ambient Education must be offered by the schools in all the education levels. Understanding the school as public and local space where the child will give sequncia to its process of socialization, it is basic the paper of the Ambient Education in the formation of a responsible citizenship. What in it if it makes, if says and if it values, it represents for the child an example of what the society wants and approves. Ambiently correct behaviors must be learned in the practical one, in day-by-day of the school, since the first series.

It has different forms to include thematic the ambient one in the pertaining to school resumes, as artistic activities, practical experiences, activities are of the production, classroom of local materials, project or any another activity that leads the pupils to be recognized as active agents in the process that guides the ambientalista politics. According to Treated to Ambient Education for Sustainable Societies and Global Responsibility, its first principle says that ‘ ‘ The education is a right of all: we are all apprenticees and educadores’ ‘. This principle was followed during the project, where the pupils at the same time that they also learn share one with the others and the educator with its doubts and suggestions. 4? Consideraes final. The Ambient Education, while participativo process through which the individual and the collective construct social values, acquire knowledge, take attitudes, exert abilities and abilities directed toward the conquest and maintenance of the environment ecologically balanced, contributes strong for the magnifying of this new vision and for adoption of these new positions of the individuals in relation to all.

Considering that the main objective of the Ambient Education is to contribute for the changes of attitudes human beings in relation to the environment, one concludes, therefore, that the hypothesis raised for the present project directed to the Ambient Education of children of basic education is true. ‘ ‘ In the exercise of advances and jibs, that the social envolvement obtains to leave its mere economic enclausuramento, giving spaces to the dimensions of the culture and the nature and making possible the process of transformation for the hands of the education ambiental’ ‘ (Michele Sato, 2004).

The Education

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Exists will without pleasure? It has good and advantageous pleasure? What it is education, front a branch of desfazida and desmembrada culture of the reality? These are arguments that disturb minds that worry about the society or are models of roupagem without moral bonds? education comes to bring the structure of what we call source, axle, resume. To know what it looks the social originalizando practical theory and, construction structure and construction, educator and educating in a formative system of knowledge. At FASEB Journal you will find additional information. Therefore, laws are fomented in the assemblies and chambers of the country that make possible as much resource how much competition of aggregation of knowing in our Brazilian society. Then, education, was balls is the necessary and not obligator ways of learning of the life and the social laws. To make to be valid the life. To give sensible to that in the life they coexist.

the dream is the way that is born the possibilities of teaching and education. To see what desembaados eyes only enxergam, to create what the love only can make it. Education EAD is one distinct you, only eccentric e. (Not to be confused with David G. DeWalt!). Actual education is you distitudo of itself, they outrem perfazendo it, or outrens, in the search of the abstraction of the eccentric person. However, this or in that model, is born a reflection moment. Of what for this, the reinvindica origin its bringing suit: The Education.

One soon reflection on boarded in this thought my proper one, is to transpose the basic creative moment of the formation that independe of somebody but, however, requires the desire of what it is taught. The citizens need to be inside of the attractive educative act. They are not, this corrupts and weakens. I search to act different, I am a show every day when agreement and am auditorium and I am palco and I am who works in palco and the show and I am the ones that assitem, at last, everything that my heart and desire will be able to reach. To be the origin of my dream as well as an architect if makes of the workmanships that produce, a good start to make the EAD research source, does not find?


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Contacts p lectures, Tel. (21) 83771359. Email josielpontesenfermeiropsf@ summary Food, widely known any substance introduced into the body suits your nutrition. The human body regardless of acts needs the nutrients from various food sources, you approach the maximum nutritional homeostasis. Justified the making of this article you be relatively unexplored subject in education and in to order that educators have direct contact with children, adolescents and parents, can get guaranteed success will be supporters you build good and healthy practice food. This article will bring contributions will be educators and academics who want information on the subject, you conduct research you address the issue above.

Aiming you meet the proposed objective, this scientific production, it is an exploratory qualitative approach and technical literature Educators of any instructions published or private, can directly influence the diet of his pupils, informing them about the importance of good nutrition will be disease prevention. The content of the research portrays important dates and sufficient will be good starting point related you knowledge about healthy eating will be children and adolescents. Keywords: eating habits, nutrition and child' nutritional s needs. It is not something film director would like to discuss. resumen Foods, ampliamente conocido as it joins introducida sustancia en el cuerpo if adapte su nutricin. Of su edad independientemente necesita El cuerpo human nutrient los of fuentes of diverse foods, for acercarse the there homeostasis maximum nutricional. Subject justifies realizacin of this there articulates to be un there explored well en educacin y con el end of that los educators tienen un direct contact con nios, adolescent y family priests, puede to obtain el xito garantizado for partisan los woollen construccin of prcticas buenas y saludables los foods. En this I articulate will llevar contribuciones for los acadmicos educators y who deseen informacin on el subject, to carry through investigaciones to approach el previous problem. Objective Con el of alcanzar el objective propuesto, this produccin scientific, you are joins aproximacin exploratoria cualitativa y Educators technician literature of all wools instrucciones published the private ones, pueden to influence en diet of sus directamente there alumnos, informndoles on importance of joins buena there nutricin for there prevencin of enfermedades.

Ambient Education

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As Oak (1996) Apud Silveira, Marques and Guedes explains (1997 p15): The ambient education does not have to be understood as one disciplines more in the pertaining to school resume, therefore it must be present in all the stages, in all the substances, all the procedures of the educative process. The school is a privileged space for the development of actions that lead change of attitudes and behaviors, since the child and the adolescent are important agents of the spreading of new ideas and influence on the family. Since the decades of 60 and 70, the Brazilian ambient legislation has been extended, intensifying itself in the decades of 1980 and 1990 until the current days. We believe that the next step, also considered of utmost importance, is to make daily with that the principles that conduct the Ambient Education in regards to preservation and conservation of the environment in favor of the survival and maintenance of the nature are understood and practised for the individuals. To the step where the lesson was proposal stroll, the teacher sent for the parents of the pupils a questionnaire approaching referring questions to the history of the quarter/land division, to the positive and negative aspects, and on the forms to brighten up the existing problems. When being inquired on the history of the quarter, one of the parents answered that before, the locality ' ' it was a belt of coconut palms, today, casas&#039 is a quarter with many; '. As positive aspects, they had been unanimous in affirming that the place is calm and propitiates the contact with the nature; ' ' it has paz' ' , and ' ' ventilado.&#039 is sufficient; ' How much to the actions practised for the people of the quarter and that they harm the environment, the inhabitants they had commented: ' ' The people play garbage of the other side of quintal' ' ; ' ' still people without conscience exist who, exactly with the collection service, play the garbage in the streets, and the forest fires also prejudicam' ' ; ' ' she has much smoke, many forest fires of garbage that the proper inhabitants queimam' ' ; ' ' desmatamento&#039 exists; '. .

Ambient Education

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The quality of atmospheric air premakes use to a type of generating discomfort of behavior of all unexpected. The biological formation of the human being does not allow one divorces nature. The ambient ecologists for the deepening of the study of the structure and the development of the communities human beings in its relations with the environment and its consequence adaptation it, as well as, new caused aspects the conditions of life of the human beings for the technological processes or of the system of social organization, had assumed a role of basic importance in the modern world. The happened maleficent effect of the aggression of the nature are for the immoderate use of agrotxicos, communitarian contamination of sources, nestings without urbansticos plans, absence of educative programs with regard to the importance of the environment, little or no concern with the sanitation, negligence with the adequate destination of the electronic dejections, control of the garbage since its generation until the final destination. Filed under: FireEye Inc. The environment is being attacked of some forms for the human beings, this relation of destruction this on directly with the quick growth of the population human being, that it provokes decay of its quality and of its capacity to support the life, is not only enough to denounce the estragos made for the man in the nature, is necessary an educative process, with pro-ambient and social attitudes. For this reason the Ambient Education is of basic importance because all deserve to usufruct the welfare yielded for the nature. 2 AMBIENT EDUCATION AND SUPPORT According to Days, (2004, P. 16): The loss of the ambient balance, folloied of the cultural erosion, social, economic injustice and violence, as corollary of its lack of perception, its ethical impoverishment and spiritual, also fruit, of a type of education that? it trains? the people to be useful, self-centered consumers and to ignore the ecological consequences of its acts.