Don Miguel

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By far, with resol reverberante of that one vague and probably nonexistent hour, I did not recognize soon its proprietors when they appeared. Already is those commented Adares, without no special affectation. Who are? I asked, spurred by an unusual curiosity in me. the directors answered Torrent. What directors? Those of the University.

Which are going to be? Then Don Miguel and Antoito Tovar. They are always discussing. The one that discusses is Unamuno emphasized Remigio Gonzlez. Tovar differs, but it does in another tone. Note immediately that is not poet. Both old woman college students, other people’s to our presence, were come near to where we were. In spite of his greater proximity, he did not manage to understand to them. Torrent realized my perplexity and smiled with a little socarronera: Hablan in Basque said.

Before the pair of professors arrived until us, Don Gonzalo put to me abreast of which Unamuno was euskaldn, that is to say, vascohablante. And that Tovar Antoito, called to him, with a strange familiarity, although been born in Valladolid and resident in Salamanca during the friolera from twenty-two years, it knew the euskera perfectly. It has not read his Mythology on the Basque language? I recognized to him honestly that no, that was not a subject of my interest. Good. It is not either that it attracts too much to me. For that reason those two go giving all the short while palique, to practice. Don Miguel is scared of which in a pair of centuries it does not dominate his maternal language already as well as now. It says that has happened to him with Danish him, because of not using it. Both alluded they finished arriving where we, although followed without paying attention to us.

Europe Occidental

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Karl Ritter had great performance in the diffusion of Geography in the teaching. It was professor of the two gegrafos that had given to Geography a more scientific matrix: Frederic Ratzel and Elise Reclus (ANDRADE, 1998). The establishment of Geography in the universities of the Europe Occidental person occurred, the serious one, in it finishes quarter of century XIX. The government of the Prssia started for creating chairs in its university in the decade of 1870, being soon followed for France and Switzerland (FORBES, 1989). The study of Geography it was faced in considerable Germany as of meaning for the success of the country and had given much emphasis to the education of the substance to the officers of the army.

The factor most important to affirm the utility of Geography was the expansion of the colonial empires, occured at this time. Geography was developed in parallel with the imperialism. At the same time where it folloied the great developments, being, also benefited with new information, Geography was used as justification for the domination of the colonized peoples. Thus, for example, the peoples of the hot, tropical regions were considered submissos e, if the Europeans enslaved them this if he had to the typical valentia of the hemisphere North. According to this explanation, the man was definitive for the way, from there the Determinismo denomination that identified these ideas, applicable to some branches of the knowledge. To put, when Geography ' ' if emancipou' ' , that is, when the basic conditions so that one became discipline autonomous worker were satisfied, the Determinismo coexisted other chains of geographic analysis: however the physical space was more important, however the populations; however the valuation of the quantitative data (KOZEL and FILIZOLA, 1996). In the school, the geographic knowledge were transmitted in unconscious way, for diverse discipline, as the sociology, that studied the relations human beings in the cities and the agricultural zone.


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As result of this, the didactic methodology and actions are total engaged, therefore the education of literature in average education would have to be on to the reading abilities, with the objective of that the pupil is a competent reader of literary texts. Today, the biggest concern of the schools is the approval of its pupils in the side vestibular contest, leaving its social function (described at the beginning of this work) and the reach of one better profile for the students who enter the Brazilian universities. Perhaps due to clarity or for the small spreading of the PCN' s, the professors they do not have if appropriate of this renovador spirit in the art of the education of this new proposal of literature education. Since the proposal of this change is of that the literary text is the main object of study in the literature lessons, and not only this tiring and old project on the history of literature, is necessary that other knowledge, gotten in similar areas (History, Sociology, Psychology, etc) are added and changedding itself into important and useful tools to deal with the literary text. Any methodology that is chosen, this must be engaged with the formation of these competent readers for deals with the necessities of the world contemporary, through already commented perspective dialgica, that not only brings the relations of literature with its time, but also the proper essence of literature. There the true one felt of the literary text would be, something brought for the reality, different of this ' ' engessamento' ' of which the education of literature has times if find. Following this perspective, the literary text leaves of being old, archaic element to changed itself into conquest, challenge, knowledge that the pupil makes to interact with the world where he lives, as they consider the PCN' s.

Federal University

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The definition of the public is on the three basic characteristics, that are the plasticity, the permanent update and the mobility of the center. In the workmanship, the author details each one of these characteristics and to the reader the panorama of the activity of public definition, with the difficulties and the chances. The model of mapping and segmentation of projects mobilizadores made possible the vision of the public in three dimensions: the benefited ones, the legislators and the generators, that are explained by the author, also through a three-dimensional map of the public. The main information that if &#039 absorbs from the reading of the two first chapters of the book; ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' they are of that the communication if became a preponderant factor in the construction of the image of the social movement and in the captation of individuals that they desire to be part of this fight. Expos author in detailed way each characteristic pointed for it and other authors. Beyond sharpening the feeling of that he fits we, professionals of Public Relations, to lead in cultural consideration, factors, social politicians and of the public-target when elaborating a plan of communication for the mobilizador end. Beyond awaking the interest for the social cause.

Mrcio Simeone Enriques currently is Professor in the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in the sector of Communication. It is graduated Comunicao Social (UFMG), possesss Mestrado in Educao (UFRJ) and Doutorado in Comunicao Social (UFMG). It acts in the area of Public Relations between organizations and communities, public communication and strategies of communication for social mobilization. Already edition of diverse articles and books participated of the organization/publication/as ' ' Vises of future: shared responsibility and dialogues with comunidade' ' (2005) and ' ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' (2002). It is treated, then, of an author with high luggage in the area of Communication and, especially, Communication directed toward Social mobility. This workmanship is indicated the professionals, not only of the Public Relations, but of the Communication in general, that they want to insert in 3 sector, to the students of the area and the responsible ones for the coordination of the social movements, in general.