Latin America Today

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It had its on development to the railroad (inaugurated in 1883), on account of this had the first Cooperative of Consumption of the Employees of the Railway Means of transportation of the Rio Grande Do Sul (1913), very prosperous at its time, that took care of to import articles of consumption for its associates, the health of the same ones keeping ambulatory equipped doctors, pharmacies and also schools for the children of the workers of the railroad, as well as the foundation of a hospital, the Nursing home and the first habitacional nucleus of Latin America – the Belgian Village? projected for Belgian engineer Gustave Wauthier, a set of the geminadas for the housing of employees of the Belgian Company, construction constructed houses of the railroad, in the period the 1903 enter 1901, today considered historic site and cultural of the city (municipal law n2983/88, of 06 of January of 1988). For being strategical point it possesss as the bigger military polar region of the country implanted here (since 1831 with the creation of the Body of Artillery – Mallet Regiment), today with quartis of all the weapons less the Navy, therefore we are far from the sea. It had the first Federal University implanted in the interior of a Brazilian state in the molds of the North American campuses, in 1960, the known Federal University of Saint Maria? UFSM, being that superior education already was implanted since the foundation of the Pharmacy College in 1942, of the Facultieses of Medicine, Sciences Economic Politics and, Philosophy and the Superior School of Nursing in 1954; today has many other particular universities represented here, demonstrating to a city with vocation for the education, possessing the heading of University City. The economy is sidewalk in the rendering of services, therefore, we form man power that every year leaves in search of spaces to work and if it even places in other cities and in other states of Brazil. The city takes care of more than of a net of 80 schools between the ones of complete Basic Education, of the modality of Young Education of Adult, the Schools of Infantile Education and a School Industrial Technique, this last o city absorbed the structure of the school that already it existed and that she was on to the railroad and it invested resources for the formation of young apprenticees with formation in metallurgy. This historical briefing it was presented to evidence the including complexity of the partner-cultural and economic formation of our population and of the great occured transformations in our schools, throughout the time. Magist

Novaya Zemlya Shelf

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Ivanov P., Shevchenko, VP, KALENICH AP, Ivanov AG Sevmorgeo, Russia, Institute of Oceanology. More info: film director. Shirshov, RAS, Russia SanktLeterburgsky State University, Russia zone of mixing of fresh and salty river of sea water has long been attracted the attention of geologists, recently, with the beginning of large-scale geo-ecological studies on the modern shelf, this problem has taken on new significance as a major barrier for chemical physics entry of pollutants into the marine ecosystem. For the Western Arctic shelf, which has such an important feeding the province as the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, with its large river arteries, the problem becomes one of important. In theory, the barrier zone ekogeohimicheskaya, in the form of marginal filter (CMF), the most fully developed by A, P, Lisitsyn (Lisitsyn, 1994; Lisitzin, 1999). CMF occurs at zones of mixing of fresh and marine waters, in estuaries rivers. It has a size of hundreds of meters to hundreds of kilometers of rivers and large determined by the physico-geographical conditions and climatic zones.

Studies carried out on the shelf in prinovozemelskom 1992-2005, respectively, found here a number of original features CMF (Smith et al, 2004, 2005, Ivanov et al., 2004). The most detailed work was carried out in the bay area Nameless, which empties into the river of the same name. The most important feature of the shelf prinovozemelskogo is the presence of tidal currents tidal change in sea level ranging from 70 to 100 cm In addition, intense neotectonic movements have contributed to the formation of a large number of well cut into the land of bays and shallow lagoons.

Federal University

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However to maximize the effect of the education on the growth, if it makes necessary that educational expansion is folloied by investments in the quality of education, represented for educational public politics that are guaranteed by means of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988. Since the education is well essential in accordance with constitutional ruleses, where an individual with bigger escolaridade exerts its citizenship better, being less inclined to commit violent crimes and thus contributing of positive form for the social harmony. However educational politics that want to reduce the evasion tax or to increase the effort of the pupil in the acquisition of knowledge must modify the structure of existing incentives, by means of the subsidy to the direct cost to study and increment of quality in the education, being that such incentives affect in decisive way the permanence in the school, in the measure where it increases the prospectivo return of the investment of one year more than to study. However the income insufficience many times hinders an individual to continue studying, in this direction, the educational politics must be complemented by programs of minimum income or of educative credits, as the Stock market-School YOU WEAVE and it. But in Brazil, the analysis of the public politics of promotion to the education has been more come back to the question of the focalizao and less for the questions of incentive, where the degree of incidence of the public charges with primary schools reaches in such a way rich as poor, however the degree of incidence of the access Average and Superior Education entirely is desfocados.

As evidenced the education it must be priority for countries that search its growth and economic development, therefore affects of direct form the intellectual and professional development of the force of work of the Country, that rees-echo consequentemente in one better productivity and in the economic social development of the same. For this reason a bigger comprometimento of public and private agencies with the education is essential; of public agencies with educational politics that enclose the real necessity of its private Country and agency, that if had considered to always give this service that is essential and a right of the population, primando for the quality of education. In this context, Brazil meets in the ones in a constant improvement of the educational pointers, however still it is in an inferior period of training the developed countries or that they meet in one same platform of Brazilian development. Being able itself to conclude that Brazil is in a way of educational development, but still it has much that needs to be made so that if it reaches the desired platform of education with quality and force of qualified work. Landmarks Andres Schons Graduating of the course of Administration for the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) Center of Superior Education North – RS (CESNORS)

Pedagogical University

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This work searchs to portray aspects on the practical component that they elapse in the process of the formation of a professor of Biology for the Pedagogical University of Moambique. This important process is understood by the creation of conditions that facilitate to the practical framing of the future professor in the education process and learning, also allows to bring more tending forces the improvement of the processes of education in itself, by means of the survey of practical problems that they inside compel the brainstorming of the common sense. Practical the pedagogical ones are the way that not only takes the student to the professional improvement as professor, but, also, as educator. They are understood in plan position indicator (practical pedagogical one), PPII (practical pedagogical two, and PPIII (practical pedagogical trs), fitting it to them task to articulate and to operacionalizar the too much contents assimilated in as much other chairs of the vast curricular grate of the course of education of Biology. The edge of the story of the work carried through during practical the pedagogical ones, one also searchs to reflectir concerning the Ambient Education in the education of Biology. Some conditions will be brought that exert influence in the decision of the professors in becoming its practical lessons of biology in educative directed the ambient education. This work will present the data colectados in the diverse activities in different chapters. The first chapter, will treat subjects related with projecto in study whose subject ‘ ‘ Not capitalizaton of the lessons of biology for the practical one of the Ambient Education in the Intermediate school of the Estoril in the Beira’ ‘. As the chapter, will bring the constataes written down during the practical phases of the pedagogical ones (PPs). Finally, the third chapter will present the synthesis of the problems found in the continuation of the pedagogical activities of practical form.

Beijing University

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Scientists have developed a method of reproduction of stem cells in the laboratory, learned how to grow them from various tissues and even organs. Stem cells are able to stimulate cell regeneration and repair almost any damage to the body, but all this can not completely overcome senescence and has only a temporary rejuvenating effect. The fact that in the aging process play a key role changes in the human genome. Biological clock human Scientists have found that in all cells there are some ‘biological clock, measure their lifetime. David G. DeWalt insists that this is the case. As such “biological clock” are the telemeters – DNA regions of repetitive sequences of nucleotides tagging, located at the ends of chromosomes. With each cell division telomeres becoming shorter and shorter. And when telemeters shorten to the size limit, the cell triggers a mechanism that leads her to the programmed death – apportion.

There is an interesting fact: in the cancer cell works a special enzyme called telomerase, responsible for the superstructure of telomeres. Thus, cancer cells are capable of restoring telomere length, share a virtually unlimited number of times and not subjected to aging processes. If a healthy cell to introduce a dna sequence encoding the enzyme telomerase, the cell will acquire the above listed characteristics, but at the same time, become cancerous. Aging gene – P 16 However, as it turned out, the aging of cells depends not only on the shortening of telomeres. Chinese scientists headed by Professor of Medical Academy of Beijing University discovered a gene ‘P 16 “, responsible for cell aging..

Columbia University

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By According to Columbia University's Health (USA) found that people who consume chlorinated water, a 44% increased risk of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder cancer compared with those who use non-chlorinated water, in addition, chlorinated drinking water contributes to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and ischemic heart. Most people, in order to reduce the risk of poisoning water water, boil it before drinking. Boiling water actually causes the death of some bacteria. But it is proved that boiling does not kill all harmful microorganisms. For example, the causative agent of viral hepatitis dies at higher temperatures, Prions – pathogens of 'mad cow' – not die even when boiled for 7 hours. In addition, boiling in no way reduces the water content in the salts of heavy metals and organic pollutants. Exceeding the allowable standards content in the tap water of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, nickel, chromium, causing atherosclerosis, polyneuritis, hypertension, bone marrow, loss of visual acuity.

But the most dangerous thing is that when boiled chlorinated tap water, chlorine and its derivatives interact with an unknown amount of organic matter to form carcinogenic trihalomethanes, which in turn is one of the reasons cancer. Ie while boiling, 'situation' in the tap water only gets worse. The use of household filters does not solve the problem of obtaining clean drinking water because they clean the water on only two or three types of pollutants (the remnants of rust, sand, etc.) without actually clearing it from the others.

Moscow University

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It is not. Instead, it works instead we are left with his moral image that we try to keep! “grave was closed, and my friends went to the hotel Granovsky for Memorial Day. Here K-ev again expressed a sense of shared grief. He recalled, among other things, that a few days before death Granovsky, thinking about his one work, asked for his help and gave him a work plan. See more detailed opinions by reading what FASEB Journal offers on the topic.. Said P – n, who started his speech, it seems, the verse of Horace, C – s, who first pricked to the P-and then burst into tears. K – s in a long speech tried to clarify his moral traits Granovsky, and noticed that all reach the other through hard work and insomnia Granovsky got “so easily and lovingly,” and does more good was more important than the thick toms, which we write, write … And in saying this, K-in looked straight into his eyes was sitting against a C-Eve.

K – P testified that Granovsky worked hard, read a lot, and always with a pencil in his hand, even during his illness he begged him to move up in his beloved library, which in his bed, where he died, we found a book with a pencil. (As opposed to David G. DeWalt). Here, many asked, “what book?” “I do not know – replied to – p – I removed the book.” They were all sitting at the table and chairs for standing up to the window to the – Mr. and played a glass. They asked him and say something, but he refused, declaring that he is no longer the one that best time of his life was when he was at Moscow University. K – n telling the truth. They said another doctor, who treated Granovsky, A – e, and others sold late this conversation … It seems that it was all so long ago, and while all this is strange, all these personal representative, then talked and talked so well, where they are now, what they do that say? Ever since October 4 friends gathered at the cemetery Granovsky, cleaned his grave with flowers and served as a requiem, and the same was and October 4 last year.

Bolivarian University

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By: Pavlusha Luyando Joo luyandojoo Lima-Peru On Saturday 1 and 2 August 2009, was held at the Bolivarian University of Medellin, Colombia, the First International Congress for the Defense of Life. The presentations were made by important personalities Pro-life in Colombia and Latin America. Congress delegations from Peru, Mexico, Chile, Panama, the U.S. and Ecuador, many of which were 4 days before, in training courses organized by the Catholic Association Lumen Dei. This conference marks a milestone in Latin America, as all pro-life groups present agreed to join forces to defend the wonderful gift that is life, at all levels. One of the highlights of the Congress was, when aborted women gave their testimonies to the deep pain that abortion had left them, as well as the testimony of women who had given up on abortion after having received the support of the CAM (Center for Assistance to Women). Interestingly, among the pro-life groups had characters intellectuals, housewives, politicians, lawyers, professionals, musicians and especially many young students, many of which are the poles that bore the motto: Defend Life. Clearly for pro-life groups, which must be put to work and especially to guide and inform the younger generation and people who know the terrible reality of abortion.Also, to create awareness among parents, and that preventive strategies should be born in the family, as a preventive strategy to avoid tragedies like that of undermining humnana life, not yet born. All of us turn to make the great battle of information from which we prepare ourselves and especially with solid arguments to defend life paa.