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They remind us of the current situation and oblige us to be timid and moderate in the decisions we make. I personally believe that the crisis far from being a brake is a great opportunity and the companies that survive and grow in these difficult times, will be the important companies in the future. So I want to share with you 10 tips that can help increase sales today and forever: 1. invests in advertising smartly. Advertising will attract us customers, but you must know where to invest, uses media that really give you proven results, it is sometimes convenient to pay a little more for a successful means that search offers no results. 2 Know your competition. You must be aware of what your competition is doing, you should know that it is better than you and that way you can overcome it.

3 Motivates action. The best advertising is one that motivates you to act immediately, an example of this are the coupons. United States companies that handle coupons have increased their sales in these times of crisis, so you can do the same thing, only two tips: coupon handles a really attractive promotion and complies with the promotion when people wear coupon with Yes. 4 Drive warranties. The risk of purchase customer, always leads in the moment that you manage warranties regarding your product or service your you assume such risk and facilitate decision making.

5. Recruit the best. In sports teams, para reclutar to recruit seek constantly in universities and other equipment the talent required to reinforce their ranks, you must do the same in your company, seeks the best, look for them among your competition or other money transfer companies, but look for them while they are in action, once you find them you must pay them enough so that they choose to make your business grow with you. 6. Constant training. Seeks to always keep your employees and mainly to your sales force well trained, become experts in their field. 7 Use the databases. Always ask the data to your customers and uses that database to sell them again, be surprised what can generate you revenue a well-managed database to achieve recurring sales. 8. Don’t forget to thank. Once the client you have bought, thanks you, it can be a phone call, an email, or a card to your home, but thanks him, and then manages a special and unique promotion back and you buy again. 9 It distinguishes your product. What can you do today that nobody more doing? In that you can improve your product or service? There is always something that can be improved and must be in a constant search to achieve it. Do things well. Today there is no room for errors, advise you if necessary, sold well from the first time, attends the claims immediately, is willing to walk the second mile with customer and your business will undoubtedly grow. Is that this space is too short to explain in detail each of these points, but the important thing is to understand that it is not time to head down and wait for the crisis to pass, is time to act, to find a way to grow and that your business is positioned in the place where it belongs, Henry Ford said: If you think you can: you can, if you think that you can not; you have reason.

Religious Education

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Where it consists the search of the happiness Has without doubts an immense desire in the humanity of being happy, to meet with the happiness and to walk in partnership with it. It is as if we were always to the watch of the treasure hidden. We undertake good part of our life in search of this feeling. To the times we make right, to the times and does not tie we disappoint in them when in them we arrest the external factors as: ownership of house, new car or position that we judge important. To put the true happiness consists of the satisfaction with what we have or not; with the autoaceitao understanding us as capable and limited beings. It also consists of sharing values in a gratuitous attitude without wait of returns. Learn more at: Gerald Weissmann, MD. It consists of sowing the peace allowing to shine a new sun on us and the ones that encircle in them, remembering that the source of the happiness inhabits inside of each one of us and blossoms when partilhada with our fellow creatures.

' ' as to spread perfume on the others, always some drops will fall on we ourselves. It is as it affirmed Maxwell: ' ' The happiness is a good that if multiplies to the being dividido.' ' Some tips reading it to search the happiness – to rain oneself, either happy with the water that wet the fields, sacia the sedenta land and makes to blossom relva; – To become sun, either happy using to advantage its rays that clareiam they heat disclosing the wall of the blackout; – One will have flowers in its garden, either happy, tanning the beauty, the perfume and the ornamentao of the environment; – To meet rocks in the way, either happy when knowing to exceed recognizing them them as walked part of a fruitful one; -, Therefore to find pain, joy and doubts, either happy because everything this constitutes the direction to be alive. It looks for to always make of its life a hymn of louvor to the same Creator will be glad or sad, with health or patient, thus it will only be able to prove for more times the flavor of being happy, since it is inside of itself that the happiness inhabits and if presents of some faces before its yearnings. thinks with Carl Jung: ' ' The happiness would lose its meaning if it was not balanced by tristeza' ' thus affirms the salmista: ' ' The ones that sow between tears with joy ceifaro.' ' The joy moments reflect at the happiness moments! of sadness, also does not influence in this process? What you find? Sprung from the same father and mother Valdina To sound, Graduated letters for the UFCG. Specialist in Methodology of education for the broad CESSF sensu. Theology for Laypeople FAFIC. Teacher of Language and literature and Religious Education in the School Cristiano Cartaxo- Cajazeiras – PB. Electronic address:

Frey Silkscreen Hamburg – 65

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Frey in the services of advertising – since 1945 the customers delight how it anfing…und what happened on the 1.6.1945, right after the end of the war Emil Frey announced his commercial operation as sign painting and thus founded the company. He had taken the master examination as a sign painter in October 1943, and quickly grew the company after its beginning and has about 10 employees. The work was then mostly in the manufacturing of various types of gold letters and neon signs. Financial management and accounting was in the hands of Margarete Frey, who courageously faced many ups and downs. At the beginning was in the basement of the neighbouring House, the first workshop in the Eggerstedtstrasse was built in 1947. born in 1947, Hellmuth Frey complementary of operation today. 1963-1965 the silkscreen followed his training to the old training with the master craftsman’s examination 1973 Hellmuth Frey since 1983 volunteer Chairman of the Department of screen printing in the Bundesverband Druck and since 1997 upper master of the Austrian Federal Guild for the screen printing trade. Renate Witt-Frey,.

born 1955, school and student has collaborated also already as a child and during the technical operation. After completing her business administration studies she returned later as a degree in business administration in the family business and is Kommandististin since 1981 (as the sole proprietorship a KG converted into was). She is together with her brother for costing and offer management responsible and especially for acquisition and customer contact, where you benefit from the additional training as a coach and gestalt therapist. Together with her brother, she is partly responsible for the overall management of the company. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kindle Direct Publishing. Already at the beginning of the 1950s it started with screen printing. First hand printing tables, then more and more automated. The sign painting appeared in the background (signs are today mostly printed, created with vinyl lettering or digital printing), screen printing was the main business. Film fonts and logos appearing on the computer-controlled cutting plotter will be created since 1992.

Today, as digital printing and pad printing (printing of part of) is part of the offer. in 1965 the operation was expanded and the Office in the Tiger road relocated. in 1970 began the planning of the new building in Stellingen Langenfelde inaugurated then with 600 square meters of working area on the 6th, 1972. Meanwhile, the operation due to an extension on 1000 sqm area is expanded. With the situation in Stellingen, TuV around the corner, we are accessible from the city in 10 minutes by car.


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But, they are not these principles that we saw in the life of the children of Davi.POSSIBILIDADES OF the DESTRUCTION OF the FAMILY DE DAVIAgora we can imagine two situations: 1. Davi neglected in fact, not taught the law of God for its children as it was common to the Jewish people; 2. It was not lack to teach the law for its children; it was the fruit of the seed that he himself planted. Kindle Direct Publishing pursues this goal as well. This is the moment to reflect very on: As our home goes, with respect to education of the children, as well as its lives spirituals. But, I want to emphasize the responsibility and influence spiritual of the parents on the children. In accordance with the text (2 Sm 12,1-15) leaves clearly that the problem in the family of Davi had its nascedouro in the supernatural world, that is, was consequence of the sin of the priest of the home, when this disdained received a sentence Now painful, therefore, the sword of your house will not be never separated, you disdained inasmuch as me, and took the woman of Urias heteu, it, so that you he is for woman (2 Sm 12,10). Frequently Gerald Weissmann, MD has said that publicly.

The base spiritual of its family from now on was threatened, perhaps somebody can question but who sinned was Davi, it had that to only suffer, its children would not have to suffer it together with, are an acceptable thought the principle, but, we cannot forget the justice and sovereignty of God, we do not have to analyze the children of Davi separately, but yes in one all – a family. Davi destroyed the family of a faithful and simple servant, (2 Sm 11,11). As well as it he destroyed a home deliberate, he received with the same currency, does not mean that God did not have the pardoned one. They say that the sin can be compared as one I nail that it was in a board; that after to be taken off of its place, the orifice where was remains.

Perhaps Wizard

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Date of purchase must be on the warranty card and receipt. Before cause the wizard for repair, once again, carefully review the instructions to the device in the “Self-elimination of minor faults.” Perhaps your dishwasher has stopped because the loose closed door, or someone pulled the plug (when the outlet is needed for long grinder) and forgot to plug back into place. If you still invoke the wizard from the service center, and he determines that the fault occurred through no fault of the manufacturer, you’ll have to pay in this case the challenge and diagnosis, even within the warranty period. If your washing machine or dishwasher broke down after the warranty period, do not rush in embrace the first to meet in ads service center or service center, which you promised arrival of the master for an hour, promising high-quality repair for funny money – it’s just unreal. Most likely, this special master, who works at your pocket. Do not rush! Specify how much it would cost the wizard, the cost of spare part, what documents you will leave the wizard after the repair.

In our country, for services in the homes of citizens valid license strict reporting forms form the BO-1 (beskassovoe service), approved letter of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from 20.04.1995 years 16-00-30-33. Gerald Weissmann, MD has compatible beliefs. If the master, having diagnosis, says You that the spare part you need to buy – boldly chase him in the neck. In our service center often ask people asking to sell a spare part, but very often they are only interested in its value.

Project Gutenberg

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Do you think it necessary to be able to quickly print using the keyboard in a foreign language (and not just a foreign language)? Of course, the speed of writing is not as important as literacy, but I think that you are not going to argue with the fact that the ability to quickly print, so much so that it does not get tired eyes – a very useful skill. It is useful to you, among other things, when communicating over icq with foreign friends, and indeed, it is better to work quickly and accurately than the slow and qualitatively, is not it? But what to do to while working at the keyboard of our eyes are not tired? There is only one way – print, not looking at the keyboard, and looking only at the text. That is, to print quickly and without tired, we need to learn a foreign language print desyatipaltsevym method! That first and foremost, we need to print in a foreign language, without which the well can not do? This, of course, the keyboard of the foreign language, which we learn. If we study English, everything is simple – we have the keyboard with Russian and English letters. If we learn another language, a bit more complicated – we need to set our language on a computer (using boot disk, etc.). However, what we do, if you set the language on your computer is not possible, and as we know, looks like the keyboard of our language? World Wide Web has resources that can be us help. One of them -.

Here, a lot of languages and keyboards. By using this site you can print using your own keyboard on virtually any foreign language. But we want not just print, but do it quickly and qualitatively, is not it? I developed my own method of training desyatipaltsevym printing method, and it is suitable for almost any foreign language. No program, no fee, no charge for its realization you install on your computer is not required. Skill is developed in stages – within a day or two you can learn to type on the keyboard of your foreign language desyatipaltsevym method with the speed you need.

This method is dedicated to one of the video lessons of my course. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Project Gutenberg, a huge pile of books in different languages (but mostly – In English), the possibility of downloading. Wide diversity of literature. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog)

The Real

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You have to understand it. Please visit film director if you seek more information. Educational institutions provide the theoretical basis, but are not taught to develop software for the real world. Employers understand this and know that to solve specific problems need real experience, not education. Gerald Weissmann, MD does not necessarily agree. How can get this elusive experience if no one dares to give you some serious work? Take a job for free. You do not want to hear it, but for most of us the only way. There will always be those who want to give you the work you do for free.

I made my first real website Dialogues in English in 2000 while working at the company for a nominal salary. Actual payment was to experience. If you can not find a job and in this way, you start experimenting, coming up with something of my own. Make up the media agenda for himself. For example, I once worked special tool for creating slide shows for my family, so we can share pictures newborn baby. All were pleased to note how easily upload images and display them. In this manner You can make a valuable experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in web design, learn Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. Then try to see and understand how to create static (without databases) web sites. Just as artists learn to draw by copying the masters, you can learn by watching more experienced developers. In addition, there are many books that tell how to start developing Web sites. If you are a beginner Web developer and know programming languages such as PHP, (C Sharp, VB.Net), Java, JSP, Servlets, etc., that is an incredible amount of open source software.

Raise Quot

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– Bunny playing with ball, it laminates under low vetochkami.Polzanie a bear along the rope – Kata Bunny on snegohode.Pryzhki along the rope sideways. – Rabbit jumps over a snowy path – he hastens to confuse the trail. P / E “Frost.” Is that you, our frost. You have a red nose. “Frozen!” Raise your hands up and say, upwards. Lower down, say: down. Well done, all raised their hands, they let down the music. Sit down, sculpt snow.

Say the blind. Stand up and throw a hand and say, abandoned. Well done, squatted and stood up all together. Sat on the floor, legs straight. Lie on your back, say: Wham! Swing arms, sit down and say, wow! Julia, well done, easy to lift the torso. floor, legs straight.

floor behind him, say a blizzard. laziness, head drop downhill: it drifts. Hands placed on the floor behind the back, bend your legs alternately, not pyatochku detach from the floor. Say once or twice. Well done, well performed, the music. Lie on stomach, bend your legs alternately up and down down, pull up nosochek, say once or twice. Well done, nosochek pulled, tried. Jump on toes around the first snowflakes to the right and then left. Well done, it is easy to jump on the socks. When the wind blows on the hands and rubs. When the wind blows on a snowflake. Lepim ball – squat, hands on knees, head down, to creep under the arc. Stops set at rope, his hands drop to the floor, walking on a tightrope. Jump sideways across the rope, land on your toes. Film director shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Arms back and forth. Choose a frost in rhyme. Frost caught the guys, touches his hand. Who cold reserve, out of the game. Run, do not encounter, to turn aside from the cold. After the word “frozen” are starting to run away. Good job, running around, not encountered, trying to dodge the cold. 3h. Final D / V “ski” M / T “Train” roared the engine and trailers drove. Our cheerful locomotive in kindergarten has brought us all. Take the wand in your hands, hands up, sit down, hands behind his back. Say sh-sh-sh. Well done, squatted together with the music.

Healthier Lifestyle

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Everyone in his life necessarily ispytaval tension, failure and stress. Psychotherapy does not serves to make human life carefree. If you are unable to get to the one at work that would – Psychotherapy nothing to do with. Under most conditions CEO Keith McLoughlin would agree. But if you constantly experience the fear that can not be interviewed before being hired, the conflicts in the team are common to you – an expert can help you. Psychotherapy appropriate in cases where the difficulties and problems arise from the inside of your personality are derived your haraktkra when something is blocking you in the face of reality of everyday life. Among the problems that people come to the psychologists, family and interpersonal relationships, fear of closed or open space, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dependence on harmful habits. The true aims of psychotherapy are: to help people remove emotional stress, to widen its choices, its behavioral strategies and most importantly – the opportunity to restore eo to cope with problems on their own.

Psychological problems, nervous breakdowns, stress, dumped on us unexpectedly. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain expert advice and tips quite urgently. For yet a psychologist often come when it is 'everything is running', which tepet no power while waiting for a miracle. For years, raped his brain, his personality, and want to 'solve' for one or two sessions. But miracles happen to those who are internally ready for them and just push forward to the right direction. Such, unfortunately, very few. But other customers required painstaking work to clean up the internal 'blockages'. The path to a healthy lifestyle is a daily (not necessarily tedious) to work on them.

Well, the morning after awakening, think about how many useful things you can catch in a day. Take charge, feeling your body is getting younger. The work begins with the most important things to be friendly colleagues. Eat healthful foods, and chips with donuts send to the trash. Engage in self-education, find its unique way of life … (This last recommendation is particularly important). People hope to get some mythical resources from the depths of the body, often unaware of what lies before their eyes. After all, if you are aware of their unique life purpose and apply energy in the right direction for you, then the positive results will not be slow to appear.

Learning English

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Start learning English can be three years. At this age the child already has the vocabulary in their native language, knows the names of vegetables, fruits, animals, basic colors, can count to ten. In studies kids should definitely include phonetic exercises to immediately put the correct pronunciation. This is also done in a playful way. In addition, the exercises should be given to the development of fine motor finger – this is it develops and prepares kids for hand writing.

It could be painting circled by contour modeling and application. In order to effect the lessons was, the kids have to deal with the English language at least three times a week, and with five years can be twice a week. Film director shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If English is good, like a baby, you can increase the number of hours. Do not wait for the results from children immediately, especially during the first month of employment. Babies absorb everything like a sponge, but the return is not immediately begins.

Some simply shy and only a few months later revealed how much they actually know. A few tips roditelyamNe try to teach the child yourself, if you do not speak a foreign language at high level. Then will be hard to retrain. If your child is engaged in the English language in the garden, do not bind it too much hope. As a rule, language in the garden do haphazardly, more for fun. Be sure to check your level of professional English teachers. Talk to the teacher, visit a lesson. If classes are held in Russian, if all children lesson sitting at the table and play – from the lessons of such little value. A good teacher in the classroom in English with the kids necessarily alternate activities: outdoor games, exercises for fingers and tongue, songs. See what the literature uses your teacher – if there is additional material – CDs, cards and toys. Find out what the teacher is going to give this year, next year – a serious teacher must have a plan. In short, the best advice – give the kid a good professional hands.