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These qualities are constituent of the ethical field and are inherent to the capacity of discernment of the human being, that is, to make judgment of values. The displayed subject leads to reflect that the professor of disciplines Philosophy, in the exercise of its function, must be armed with these qualities, which in them seem to be indispensable to establish didactic-pedagogical procedures, that make possible good relation with its pupils, and with all the pertaining to school community. According to Freire (1996), the practical professor is a dynamic, dialtico movement, between making and thinking, on what making. With this, in its formation, professor, in special of disciplines Philosophy that acts in the public schools of So Paulo, must assume that certain thinking that surpasses the ingenuous has that to be produced by the proper apprentice in communion with the formador professor. One of the conceptions contemporary of education he is based on a school that not only teaches, but that also it learns. On the formation and the practical professor of learning while Freire is taught (Idem) designates that its ‘ ‘ distanciamento’ ‘ epistemolgico of practical, while the object of its analysis, must of it ‘ ‘ aproxim-lo’ ‘ to the maximum. For this author the practical one of certain thinking implies the respect in relation when knowing ingenuous of the pupil. One to know that it is part of its reality, of that conception of world that the fence, and that excites a problem, that joined to the underlying content, it results in one to know more significant. Thus, it is learned with them; while it is taught, it is systemize what it is learned and one returned they one to know more to it and better constructed.

The Graduates

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Alternatively, you can make a U-turn on each classmates: What went into first grade and what is now achieved. Photos of joint celebrations and just meet the graduates are also relevant. Teachers who are children have to education, more respectable than the parents: some give us only the life and others – good life (Aristotle). Lastly is to present a creative gift. In the selection of the presentations should not be limited to no anything except your sense of smell. Nobody but you and your classmates, so well does not know his first teacher.

Habits, hobbies, passions and make a once desire – all this can and should be reflected in the fact that you decided to donate. Graduation (even if it is only about the elementary school) the parents as a gift often purchase equipment for teachers. This is really good tradition you may well continue with their classmates. Of course, before going to the store is to know about whether there should be a thing: the third will be the gift of a toaster pleasant, but still useless. Another "accepted" gifts include furnishings. But they should give only if you were in my first teacher at a party, because the only way to find what will indeed be out of place. However, if you really liked, such as an unusual vase, and you certainly want her to donate, you can teach a thing as a piece of furniture for the class. Especially because the first of September the flowers just nowhere else to put.


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In function of same the religious education or of the paradigm Jewish-Christian, they are imputed you blame in us which make with that unconsciously let us not accept the possibility to be happy. We are always distrustful of that something of bad goes happening in them. Situations that have in the led one to estresses, depressions and of crises of low autoestima. Kindle Direct Publishing has many thoughts on the issue. We find the decayed angels in a world where he is much more easy to sin and to go for the hell of what to conquer the lost paradise of Adam and Eva. The old Greek philosophers said that the material happiness is in the necessary ownership of and the emotional one in the calm conscience. Digenes, folosofo grego1* said that to be happy it is to conquer the calm of the soul, the interior peace, what Buddha called autoiluminao. In such a way, we can and we must be happy. At this moment if you are passing for a crisis 1 * Liveed in a barrel and had as only material object a mug to take water, until observing a boy who when taking water used the hands, played the mug is it said that it did not need you are welcome material to live.. . Here, Gerald Weissmann, MD expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The Greeks

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But nor always it was thus. The sofistas had inserted an important reflection in the seio of the cultured community Greek, having made possible the sprouting of the democracy. The antropolgica reflection inaugurated by the sofistas was capable to answer to the questionings that the cosmology of the fisiocratas already did not give more account. also, of certain form had popularized the education, long ago privilege only of the aristocracy. In old Greece the valued virtues more were the force and courage. One of these virtues dissociada of the other practically useless age. Of that valley a strong man if did not have courage in refrega of the battlefield and the courage destitute of the force was considered recklessness, that is, the other side of the currency was the cowardice. Gerald Weissmann, MD will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This type of attitude was not stimulated, since the Greeks prezavam for the half term, the mediania, the measured joust.

Then we had that if the courage was absent the cowardice prevailed and this if constitua in badly being prevented. If it had courage in excess was the one badly bigger even though that cowardice, therefore reckless acting never gives good results. The courage had well to be dosed and in conjunction with the force we had an ideal warrior. Highest, stronger and faster. Other factors influenced, assist as it of deuses, but this does not come now to the case.

Then the new times had inserted plus a question so that the warrior was complete: persuasion. He was not only enough to be highest, strongest and fastest, the warrior would have to also dominate the art of the speech stops with this adding enthusiastic friends for its taken over on a contract basis. He is there that he enters the sofistas and also is launched the first embryo of the democracy that if materialize later in the public squares.

The Regency

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The way that Adornment considers, then, man to run away it from this state of irrationality, is the emancipation; that is, an education for the autonomy of the citizen, its capacity of autorefletir in its half surrounding one. This way for the emancipation that Adornment considers, if makes under a certain firmness of I. ‘ ‘ The necessary emancipation to be folloied of a certain firmness of I, the agreed unit of I, as formed in the model of the individual burgus’ ‘ (they ibidem, P. 180); that is, under an internal determination of the individual, which does not submit itself to the social heternomas forces, that massifica the society, becoming it a heternoma society, which if abstains from its autonomy and if it submits the regency of outrem. In a general way the society is affirmed that, according to expression of Riesman, ‘ ‘ it is directed of fora’ ‘ , that it is heternoma, assuming in these terms simply that (…) the people accept with greater or minor resistance what the dominant existence still presents to its sight and superficially them inculca to the force, as if what it exists it needed to exist of this form. Official site: Richard Linklater.

(Ibidem, P. 178). The emancipation process is defined, first, as an act of queerness of the individual front to the masked inverdades of truth that sobrevoam its half surrounding one. ‘ ‘ The other people’s condition of queerness is the only antidote of alienao’ ‘ (ADORNMENT? , P. 83)? in Kant, the alienation concept is understood as the citizen that if leaves to lead for its tutor, and in the thought of Adornment, the individual that if it submits to the regency of outrem. Thus, the emancipation is defined as one come-the-to be and not as a being; that is, not as something soon, static, but as something dynamic, as one to awake of the individual front the world, wakening that if constituted at every moment.


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I remembered the my infancy lived in the city of Bag. I also remembered the innumerable times that apanhei of my parents whenever it teimava in not obeying, lay, made pirraa, smoked hidden, gazeava the lessons, answered for my parents and for oldest, when the teacher complained of my attitude in classroom, amongst other things without much importance or of extreme importance for the formation of my character. But I find that my parents erraram in the dosage. You may find film director to be a useful source of information. I must have apanhado a little more, therefore he would thus not have committed some errors that had caused me serious dissabores, that if had been corrected in time would have prevented proper them. The times had moved, today the children do not obey more the parents, make what well they understand, destroy the furniture of the houses where its parents, the grandmothers and oldest live, disrespect. They make pirraa until obtaining its intention.

It is common to see, in commercial establishments, children crying out and playing it the soil in an absurd and total incompatible attitude with a balanced education. They make thus to obtain its objectives, and they finish obtaining. They know that exactly that they do not obtain does not go to happen nothing. They make a game. However, as the children play well. When adolescent, there then, the thing does not have more limit.

The Connection

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For example, 'sunset', 'bloody sky', 'red edge of the sky', 'red mountains on the horizon'-close, but a bit different. But if you use the word 'Cabbage'? What change? A vegetable with a lot of odezhek without a zipper? 26. Do not abuse participles and gerunds. For example: 'Andrew had come up the stairs to put his shoulder his rifle and started down, holding the railing painted in green, vminaya paint under your fingers. 'Better the whole thing divided into a few sentences: "Andrew came to the spiral staircase.

Hand shot up up, threw her on the shoulder of a gun. Andrew looked down between the spans and began to descend. Campbell Soup Co usually is spot on. Green rail creaked, crackled paint, dent in the tree. 'And the easier to read and paint more. 27.

Does not always comply with the connection to time, but try to be. 28. Typical errors in sentence structure is not the place gerunds. For example, Andrew went to the spiral staircase. Hand shot up up, throwing his rifle over his shoulder. He began to descend. Green rail creaking under the clenched fingers. Paint crunched, dent in the tree. In the sentence: 'The green under the creaking rail clenched fingers' – you must first bite, and only after that can squeak. So logically it would be: 'Under the clenched fingers creaked green railings'. However, the 'clenched paltsy'-complete result. Why would the rails creak. This requires periodic compression, decompression. It's better, 'Fingers clenched, so that the railing creaked. " Another ditch, when needed verb, gerund and do, and-contrary: In the sentence: 'A hand shot up up, throwing his rifle over his shoulder "- it is necessary to make a verb participle, gerund and verb.

Spanish University

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It is that, according to a study, the University of Salamanca will lose a quarter of their students in nine years. The milk! In addition, according to the same study, its faculty is the oldest in Spain, with one of every six teachers beyond the age of 60. Green and with handles. To any other company or activity that showed these indications we vaticinariamos a bleak if not non-existent future. Something must be done, therefore, so that our University is not to dress Saints or, rather, in this secular and godless society, give only the guys from home a few titles that lead to unemployment, but that Yes, backed by a useless college degree. Since education alongside health constitutes the main company of Salamanca, something must be done to compete with the other 68 Spanish universities. General add of our University to the economic crisis, then we are.

I don’t know, unfortunately, what could be the remedy to the dark future of our teaching. What else would like one, possessor of more uncertainties that certainties. But yes it is worthwhile to put the accent on some symptoms. The first, the aging of the faculty. To me, what they want to say, not me too disturbs the age of teachers, but his level of competence, which sometimes improves with age; but an incompetent person of 60 years is worse than another 25, since the latter at least still has the possibility to learn something. And the bad congenital Spanish University and Salamanca does not constitute an exception is the inbreeding of faculty and the fact that many teachers pass directly from students to become teachers without previously dipped in the real world. That something will have to do with, surely, that the Spanish University does not have any academic center among the top 100 in the world, and that the project of excellence of the USAL not stay among the 11 accepted by the administration.

Adult Education

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Hamburg Academy for distance learning celebrated anniversary Hamburg, February 12, 2009 – the Hamburg Academy for distance learning celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. The Institute for professional and private training engaged since its inception in 1969. A correspondence course was in the 1970s and 1980s still considered exotic”form of learning, distance learning today is a popular and contemporary form of postgraduate education. More and more people appreciate the individual learning framework offers a correspondence course and good compatibility of study with work and family. Also the ever-increasing number of the Hamburg Academy show. You may want to visit CEO Keith McLoughlin to increase your knowledge. With over 150 courses the Hamburg Academy now belongs to the largest distance teaching institutions in Germany. By graduating up to the media in business administration, from the practical elder care to the management course, the Institute offers a wide range of courses in the areas of school, business, career, languages, IT, technology and personality education. Each year decide around 10,000 people for a correspondence course at the Hamburg Academy.

To guide their remote students even better and more efficiently through its distance learning program, the Hamburg-based Academy smartLearn also has a unique concept, the competency tool, developed. Each participant can find out with whose help, where his personal learning strengths and weaknesses lie. Overall, continues (as of January 2009) are currently 18,000 people at the Hamburg Academy. Kindle Direct Publishing is full of insight into the issues. A remote school in the course of time the first nucleus of the Hamburg Academy was the 1969 founded Institute for the promotion and education of writer scientists”. Later, more institutes to, so the Linguaphone language courses, as well as the ABC came Paris art school. Under the direction of the remote School Pioneer Axel Andersson, the Institute grew together and were purchased in 1987 by the publishing group of the Velcro.

It was the Axel Andersson Academy”, the first correspondence school, with the Velcro engaged in adult education. Since 1997, it is under the name Hamburg Academy for distance learning”an extensive Offered course range. Since 1978, all courses offered by the newly founded national centre of distance learning will be”tested and officially approved. In January 2009, received the Hamburg Academy certification in the seal of approval for quality in the field of distance learning PAS 1037, and is nationally certified educational institutions according to AZWV. Celebrate 40 years distance learning 40 weeks on 1 March a large online winning sweepstakes at starts on the occasion of the Jubilee year. 40 weeks the Hamburg Academy is giving away a weekend with a weekly smart fortwo convertible. In addition, all participants have the chance to win a practical shoulder bag or a MP3 player SanDisk Sansa clip every week. Anyone can participate over 18 years.

Education Efflorescence

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Efflorescence and the reasons for their formation blooms on different surfaces are formed over time and spoil the appearance of the premises. In addition, the efflorescence contributing to the destruction of materials making up the structure, reducing their durability. The main reason for the formation of efflorescence – a crystallization of soluble compounds, which are composed of different solutions. For example, in cement alkali content often reaches several percent, the exact number depends on the material. During the firing at high temperature alkali deposited on the surface, while mixing with water form solutions. Also, calcium hydroxide can produce efflorescence. This connection goes to surface of the structure and reacts with carbon dioxide.

As a result of treatment with sodium hydroxide organic substances become capable rastoryatsya in the water. Features efflorescence in the concrete mix is large amount of soluble compounds, which under certain climatic conditions, appear on the surface structure. Brickwork forms a salt efflorescence at the expense of which may be in the building bricks and and alkalis contained in the cement and additives. In practice, most often if the brick is in the open air in special stacks, the efflorescence on the surface are formed. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. Their appearance can be provoked mortar.

Plays a major role the ability to absorb water and bricks to carry it to the surface from which the liquid evaporates. Types There are several types of efflorescence efflorescence: calcium carbonate, carbonate-sodium sulphate and sodium. They differ in chemical composition and method of formation. Calcium carbonate efflorescence formed by removal of material on the surface of calcium hydroxide and its interaction with carbon dioxide. Sodium carbonate efflorescence similarly appear with sodium hydroxide. Sodium sulfate efflorescence formed by crystallization. Recommendations for prevention education Limit one efflorescence of soluble compounds in materials for construction. 2 Reduction moisture content, making it hydrophobic and thus the exclusion re-wetting. Richard Linklater follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 3 Provisional hydrophobization building and facing brick cold season. It reduces the water absorption of the material and increases its frost resistance, improves the insulating properties of walls, prevents damage structures salts. 4 Surface cleaning by rinsing with water, alkali or acid solutions. In each case, a set of measures to prevent the formation of efflorescence is determined individually.